Pointwise supports exporting Gridgen grid files. A Gridgen restart .gg) file compatible with Gridgen Version 15 can be exported from Pointwise. © – Pointwise supports importing Gridgen database files. Any Gridgen restart .gg) file from Version 15 is supported for import into Pointwise. Note that 2D blocks are not supported by Pointwise and will not be imported.

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The logic which caused this issue has been fixed.

By assigning each manyal entity to mannual layer, you may easily control the visibility and usability of layers and the entities in them. This new version contains improvements to the speed of the anisotropic tetrahedral mesher and the ability to mesh volumes with larger ranges of cell sizes.

Gridgen only accepts angles between 0 and degrees for the split angle. Memory requirements for Cobalt export have been reduced. SPR Resolved an issue causing inconsistent extraction of prism layers. Catia V5 R18 files may now be imported into Gridgen.

Gridgen – Pointwise

Support has been added for the export of structured domains to an IGES file. SPR Resolved an issue that caused the pyramids generated in the unstructured block solver to have a higher equiangle skew than previous versions of Gridgen.

Two Glyph commands have been added that allow the layer manager panel to be displayed and layers selected during script playback. Gridgen now supports the export of FrontFlow analysis software files.

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SPR Resolved a problem which was causing the import of Gridgen database.

Gridgen – Pointwise |

December New features included in Gridgen V This has been fixed. SPR Fixed a bug which was causing a few anisotropic triangles along an edge to march out further than majual neighbors.

The command Closest O via Pick Point lets you move the cursor to a point on the curve that is closest to another point that you pick.

SPR Resolved an error causing a crash when selecting domains for face assembly. SPR Setting the ConSplit angle to 45 degrees for shell entities was causing empty domains to be created.

Models will allow users to form collections of adjoining quilts and trimmed surfaces. SPR After receiving reports of problems using Gridgen in conjunction with an ATI Rage graphics card, a section was added to the Gridgen Hardware Requirements to document graphics cards with known Gridgen compatibility problems.

SPR A graphics issue was causing Gridgen to crash whenever the object in the display was rotated. SPR Fixed a bug in which Gridgen crashed when joining blocks, then domains, in a certain order.

SPR Resolved a bug in which a very small grid point tolerance was causing a slowdown in connector operations 5. This function allows users to select two connectors, of which the first selected connector will be replaced by the second connector.

Logic has been changed to fix this problem. SPR Resolved a problem in which applied interval shading for a database surface was not retained after the creation of a connector on the surface. The manual page for this command has been added.


SPR Corrected an issue resulting in combined pyramids and prisms with negative faces. SPR Resolved an issue where anisotropic triangles could not be created off of a sharp edge. SPR A bug has been resolved which caused Gridgen to create a corrupt unstructured block volume. SPR Creating periodic domains then bringing them into Domain Modify was causing their periodic links to be erased. SPR Fixed a problem in which Pick: Logic has been modified in Gridgen to correct this issue.

SPR Fixed an issue that was causing the block unstructured solver to fail in initializing a volume. Logic has been added to fix this problem. Gridgen can now run connected T-Rex blocks simultaneously in the unstructured solver.

In order to more closely couple Gridgen with your analysis software, support for volume conditions i. For example, you can create a group consisting of all the connectors on the symmetry plane or all the domains on the database. SPR A bug was fixed in which Gridgen would exit when a re-extruded block was saved. SPR Extracting prisms from an anisotropic block were causing the original boundary conditions set on the block to be moved to different faces.