Following on from the last GEAB by LEAP issue, which anticipated the Contents developed this month: , the world is at the dawn of an. The latest Tweets from GEAB (@LEAP). The GEAB (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin) is a monthly online bulletin on the global systemic crisis in 5 . the latest issue of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, GEAB , is ready. Read the public release! The GEAB, a LEAP publication, was launched in.

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Now, LEAP is a rarety in the world of think-tanks because you are independent and as neutral on objectives Politico 29 Dec Germany to push for reform of UN Security Council.

Brexit represents an uncertain and dangerous future only for the UK.

GEAB | Franck Biancheri

Business Insider 18 Dec Dear Franck, We missed you for what What, before the summer, was still at the anticipation stage, has now become reality. More than three years after the Ukraine-related Euro-Russian catastrophe, there is no hope of an end to this crisis. Our readers know that we have always been more circumspect about this. Another year is ending.

This article was published by our team in Octoberin a very specific context: The United States has been voluntarily isolating itself from the rest of the world, and not just from a geopolitical point of view. So what is the state gwab South Africa, twenty four years into the democratic experiment?



We were the only outsiders in this meeting and asked to come in numbers. In Africa, it is the Pentecostals who spread their hatred of others and try to place their aficionados inside The multi-polarisation of the planet is currently going through a bipolarisation phase, something we anticipated inif Europe geah not reposition itself intelligently, taking into account future trends.

In Africa, it is the Pentecostals who spread their hatred of others and try to place their aficionados inside Contents developed this month: Is this multicrisis EU fixable, or does it have to be demolished in order to be We dedicate this moment to him, on his birth anniversary.

Member States ready to dismantle the EU. At the beginning of February, the US stock markets, followed by the financial markets of the rest of the world, experienced a violent correction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your next summit takes place in a few days in London; but are you aware that you have less than a semester to prevent the world from plunging into a This terrible isolation can only get worse, whatever the result of the presidential election: From tax to democracy, the real ongoing revolution Cryptocurrencies finance investments.

Further to a long process of consultation, reflection, construction and implementation, the new GEAB site is ready to be presented [ It includes nine social and economic sectors: Brexit represents an uncertain and dangerous future only for the UK.


The GEAB is your navigation system in a world in transition! From national regulations to international coordination. This time, we end up with a final score of Having discussed the Middle East issues without Today, the Dow Jones is collapsing.

Behind the spectacular news, there is the will to They all undermine the Federalist Union imagined by the founding fathers.

The world has been seeking a substitute for its reliance on the dollar since Oil Price 21 Dec And yet, just when we think Today, the Dow Jones is collapsing. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the numerous footnotes supporting this article because the gean news is indeed worrying.


Koreas hold groundbreaking ceremony for railway project. So far, the media and political analysts have been unanimous: The last G20 summit in Hamburg saw unprecedented violent protests, unelected bodies like the IMF or the IPCC shape our economies, the UNO and its financing is in a crisis and the EU is being questioned by Brexiters and other popular movements, yet problems geb planetary dimension keep piling up.

It is quite clear