Welcome to SAP SCM APO Global Available To Promise Wiki space. This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SCM APO Global. This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for analyzing sales order confirmation scenario from a Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) perspective in SAP. Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the.

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Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. They are described as follows:. The ATP quantity referenced during the product availability check is based on categories defined in Scope of Check. There is an ATP tree structure for each request schedule line szp the sales order. July 9, at 4: We offer remote unbiased multi-dimension supply planning support.

But then that would be an assemble to order planning strategy not MTO. Filter the treated elements, sort those sales documents, and schedule them.

APO GATP – Global Available To Promise – Supply Chain Management (SCM) – SCN Wiki

One way to help place a boundary around the problem and reduce the time spent computing a result is by limiting the time horizon. Consider all aspects of network design, including physical master data set-up, parameters, planning run sequence, problem division, how and when billing documents are created, and more. BOP, as referred to gztp SAP, list sales documents relevant for particular materials allowing for confirmation. Key measures in this reuse view provide information on the requested quantity and confirmed quantity.


Want to find out? EDQA is a feature within BOP that allows the system to react immediately, based on the business events that are affecting the stock availability situation.

Third-Party Order Processing at Amazon. This is where gATP plays a major role.

Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview

After reading this book you will: Next is when the check is to be performed, that is the Product Check, the Product Allocation that is against an allocation, or during Planning. Basically, BOP consists of three steps: Full-time 11 Contract 7. How many requirements are available for product A in location B with a requested delivery date in the next month?

Be able to set up master data objects for the supply network. It provides a return date and quantity on planned sales orders, which leads to a distinction that should be understood. GATP looks out across many different plant to attempt to fulfill a demand. ATP provides extra functionality over SD availability checking, which makes it significantly enhanced.

See by clicking the image below: From these differences, you can see that CTP is a much more involved and feature-rich solution, but the advantage of M-ATP is that it takes far fewer computing resources. GATP looks out across many locations, for many periods, and can also return with sqp proposals.

They are described as follows: Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, ATP step name, ATP step index, and so on. This is the date which is entered in the sales order.

You consent to receiving marketing messages from Indeed and may opt from receiving such messages by following the unsubscribe link in our messages, or as detailed in our terms. What is the confirmation status for the requirements?


The calculation profile can include the following: GATP has a powerful set of functionality, and if sao correctly, a company with ATP capability can gain great credibility with its customers. If that describes you, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in sapp asap. Do you have any experience with using that. GATP allocation is based upon who places a request first. Easily apply 13 days ago – save job – more Over 10 million stories shared. For example, SAP gave up documenting fields and therefore many of the fields within one of the most important areas of GATP, called the Check Instructions, are simply copied over and over.

All requirements for date range.

Event-driven quantity assignment EDQA. In addition, all other things being equal, a company with reliable delivery dates should pick up market share from those competitors that lack this capability and over-promise to these same customers.

There are many other articles on Tatp on this website, and in fact, this article links out to a number of these articles as it deals with various topics, but this article can be seen as the general introduction and broad overview to SAP GATP.

See this link for details. The different levels of ATP check are shown in Figure 6. The operations of a business.

It is especially helpful for business scenarios that require products to be configured for individual customers assemble-to-order scenarios. A few reasons for the general opaqueness of the application include the following: