FreeStyler program and introduce a new user to Digital Multi-Plex (DMX) programming. *We will talk about manual addressing and groups later on. If you have. Even if I understand the DMX protocol and how to add this functionality, I am not certain how to combine my manual DMX control with the. FreeStyler DMX is made solely by Rapheal Wellekens from Belgium. 中国灯具 创造者说明 (Chinese Language Fixture Creator Manual).

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As said right at the top it may not be the easiest way or the best way but it does work.

FreeStyler DMX

Remember this part of the fixture is only frestyler controlling the strobe and dimmer. This is what the top half of the list looks like after it has been filled in.

The values I used are shown in the dialogue below. Frsestyler is more or less a software based DMX controller. I don’t like, in my case, the sound of a third usb controller?

Also it allows me to create a pretty much dynamic show, where nothing seems the same day after day There’s no “stand alone hardware only” console that can run more than a bunch of fixtures So this is what you will get when we have opened up the 2 channel fixture.

Generally speaking it’s not easy to combine 2 different DMX consoles. You can close the Fixture Creator program and start FreeStyler and add you fixtures. Look to the right of the tick box we have just ticked and you can see another tick box and it is labelled RGB freestylet lets tick that and see what happens.

Now Export the fixture. It contains all the information needed in the one file, images, gobos, colours etc. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Let us get started. Fixture name Total channels Comment Shutter ch. That is it we mdx entered all the data we need for this fixture. Inviato Tue 31 Oct 17 5: I am not saying this is the best or the easiest way but it is away that works and hopefully you will understand how it works.


Inviato Tue 31 Oct 17 That is it done. Also, with both plug-ins it is possible to use custom freeatyler or emx a button on your controller, or even create a dedicated pad page to control Freestyler CUES from within VirtualDj.

The first one is easy. So my wish is to use my greestyler light controller for certain tracks. Next to the numbers are a couple of spaces, these contain an icon and the icon name respectively.

In the future I will create a freestjler s for the ScanLibrary program as well. Yep you guessed it we need to enter 3 in the Total channels input box as can be seen in the image below.

That’s how Freestyler MRC was born!

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Combining Freestyler DMX and standalone DMX controller

Now we have to enter all the values from channel 1 of the manual for the 2 channel fixture, phew that is going to take a bit of time. If it does not cover what you want then you can have a look at the fixtures in Fixture Creator and try and add that functionality yourself.

You can close the Fixture Creator and use it in FreeStyler now. This, with the addition of a special PAD page an extended version of the one available for download here and some action POI’s allows me to fully control Freestyler and my show from within VirtualDj without having to bring Freestyler window on front the entire night.

And the more basic light effects can be run either in automode, or through my manual DMX control. The main reason I see for this because they can have a lot of channels, have lots of different operating mode with differing number of channels per mode and when in the higher channel modes a lot of RGB elements.

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OK so now our fixture knows how many channels, so how do we tell it what channels control what? Go to the File menu and select Save and you will get the following save dialogue.


See image below for this freestyled completed. This has been done with the fixture I have uploaded. Anyway I digress, let us get on and create this 2 channel fixture.

FreeStyler DMX – Home of the Community Support Section

I have filled out all the information for dmxx part of the fixture as can be seen in the image above. So now we have to do is freeestyler a relevant icon from the list to right for each of these rows. Obviously the Fixture name will be Mega Bar LED 4ch and any comments need to be changed as well and the Total channels will have to be changed to 4. Let’s put it like this: How well does this work compared to a hardware light controller?

Hopefully with this tutorial I can show you my way of creating these types of fixture. As this fixture is 3 channel and the manual tells us that the red is on 1 and freeztyler is on 2 on blue is on 3 we need to put those numbers freesty,er those fields. Unless you have enough cash to get a controller running Martin M-PC! Enter the data as shown above and Save and Export the fixture as before.

It should look like this. I will start with the easiest of these modes and it is not the 2 channel mode but the 3 channel mode, all will be revealed. So, stop questioning whether a computer based solution with or without an external controller attached is better than a stand-alone hardware only solution. Click on the top line lowest DMX Value and then scroll down the list on the right until you find off.

For large and demanding lightshows everything is computer based since ages ago! So if playing a request without any DMX data added, the lights will not get updated anymore.