Vander, Sherman & Luciano – Fisiologia Humana. Interest. Book Vander Sherman Luciano Fisiologia Humana – Os Mecanismos Das Funções Corporais de WIDMAIER, GUANABARA. Tratado de Fisiología Médica (5ta. ed.). México: Anatomía y Fisiología Humana (4ta. ed.). México: .. Vander, A. J., Sherman, J. H., & Luciano, D. S. ().

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Fisiologia Renal

Electrophysiology is of fundamental importance for the professionals in the medical field. However, there are difficulties in its understanding by students.

Based in our teaching experience, we feel the need to help the student who tisiologia getting started in this subject or that wants to review it. Thus, we have prepared an easy, useable auto-instructional tool of teaching-learning, where the sequential mastery of the contents favors new cognitive acquisitions. The current tool aims at handling the chemical-physical principle of bioelectrogenesis supplying the basis to study neurophysiology, endocrinology and cardiac electrophysiology inter alia.


Vander, Sherman & Luciano fisiologia humana os mecanismos das funções corporais

Preceded by a theoretical introduction and objectives it presents a logical, articulated and hierarchical sequence of seventy objective, multi-choice questions, being fifty nine in the basic domain and eleven in the applied domain.

They aim to stimulate the student to discover, by means of a logical-deductive reasoning, bioelectrical fundamentals of the generation and maintainance of the membranane potential. Parallel with the proposition contents, several reinforcing insets are placed about the essential concepts, or that are considered relevant or special applications of the subject.

At the end an answer list is presented.

The tool was used in student group activities with the biology area students with satisfactory results. Resting membrane zherman and action potential. Principles of gisiologia science. Contribution of pancreatic insulin to ex- trarenal potassium homeostasis: Am J Physiol ; Sodium and epithelial sodium channels participate in the capacitation- associated hyperpolarization in mouse sperm.

J Biol Chem ; The energetics of ion distribution: Measurement of membrane potentials psi of erythro- cytes and withe adipocytes by the accumulation of tripheny- lmethylphosphonium cation. J Membr Biol ; Cooperstein SJ, Watkins D.


Vander, Sherman, & Luciano’s human physiology | Open Library

The islets of Langerhans. Des- vendando o sistema nervoso. Physi- ological insulin concentrations protect against ischemia-in- duced loss of cardiac function in rats. Comp Biochem Physiol ; A problem-solving approach to teaching electro- chemical driving force to undergraduates.

Advan Physiol Edu ; 4: Helping students to understand that outward cur- rents depolarize cells. fisiolovia

Adv Physiol Edu ; Generation of resting membrane potential. Advan Physiol Edu ; Lacaz-VieiraMalnic G, editores.

lucano A simple, inexpensive methods for teaching how membrane potentials are generated. J Appl Physiol ; Uncovering misconceptions about the resting membrane potential. Simplified interpretation of the pacemaker potential as a tool for teaching membrane potential. The origin of bioelectrical potentials in plant and animal cells. Am Zoologist ; Skeletal muscle regulates extracellular potassium.

Malnic G, Marcondes M.