Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the. KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Everworld series (12 books), by K. A. Applegate (and Michael Grant of the arrival of the alien god Ka-Anor, who feasts on the Everworld gods.

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I love your review applegte much. There’s so many Animorphs books out though, it’s a little daunting! Aug 04, Sara added it Shelves: No wonder David is insecure about appearing weak and fearful — we see from these scenes how he has dealt with horrible situations in the past, and how he is not proud of it.

There are so evreworld things wrong with this book: And found themselves in a world they could have never imagined. They have been transported to a dangerous world, been threatened by applwgate Norse god and his giant wolf big enough to literally plop a girl in its mouthare surrounded by slaves, and are nearly forced into battle by Vikings.

However, Senna has her own goals and plans for Everworld, and is more interested in bringing them to fruition than helping the rest of the group, and may be following a master plan darker than any of them could ever guess. Thanks for the commen. Search for Senna by Katherine Applegate. In the books, the Irish have embraced technology faster than any other people; in one of their cities, they have electricity and cable cars.


Get Known if you don’t have an account. Waiting on Wednesday 4 Book Review: The drumbeat accelerated and we hauled oar, yelling like idiots on each pull, the Vikings egging one another on.

It’s the only way to stop us. Many gods were in the Everworld series. I love this whole chapter. The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz It was a dumb, energy-draining race. Attacks on myself or other comments WILL be deleted.

I had no idea this was the same author. We didn’t write at all for about 5 years.

Search for Senna

No, we do all want not to be stereotyped by ignorant white trash. His ,a will never live up to his reality, and, my goodness, I love how he manages to acknowledge this and yet still tears himself apart over it.

Applegate YA Fantasy Animorphs. Not as good as I remember it being. The Coo-Hatch then aided the Hetwans in almost taking over Mt.

Ap;legate like that April was the one to always comes prepared, Jalil is the brains of the outfit, Christopher the comic relief and David was the “leader” kinda. The series is about four teenagers with opposing personalities Trapped in Another Worldwhere all of the classical polytheistic gods, demons and legendary heroes from various mythologies fled when people stopped worshiping them everwoorld the “Old World.

Despite witnessing April taking out several trollsthe knights still believe that women should act “womanly”—no fighting, allowing themselves to be looked over and pampered.

Everworld Series

Sign up for newsletter. My biggest thing with this story is how the teenagers are portrayed. And I’m a boy. Shelve Discover appoegate Destroyer.


My review of the Everworld Series by Katherine Applegate | Pages & Rages

Katherine lives in Marin County, California, with her family and assorted pets. Throne of Glass Series. Yeah, the ending was abrupt. Sep 12, Joana rated it liked it Shelves: It goes applebate fast paced to faster paced. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The clash of all the different mythologies was kz the author should be commended just for managing to cram the deities and cultures of so many different races into one series.

I liked that bravery isn’t about showing that your aren’t scared, but instead acting when you are. I really need to read it one of these days. Jan 20, Ian Korpel rated it did not like it Shelves: Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Search for Senna (Everworld, #1) by Katherine Applegate

Why Hel’s harem requires eunuchs is never explained, but perhaps indicates that her powers over or interest in castrated males is reduced or nonexistent.

We really get to know these kids and their experiences in Everworld have a large and logical impact on ,a growth and character development. Add to watch list Remove from watch list.

Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. Jun 05, Collin rated it liked it Shelves: