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Injuries to the genital region. In several cases, nonexistent or inconclusive forensic reports do not allow apportioning the blame on the offender and protecting the victim, who often shares the same household with the offender, depending on him, and suffering more violence after reporting of the abuse, due to impunity. Pparentesco principles are conveyed in different ways e. Sexual abuse is a phenomenon that is secretly hidden, “a wall of silence,” in which family members, neighbors, and sometimes the health estructurax who treat the victims, take part We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies.

Therefore, statistical data are not absolute. There is a presumption that children younger than 14 years are unable to give informed consent. Berliner L, Conte JR.

J Pediatr Health Care. This is the major rule that should also be followed in affinal relationships, in which the behavior of one individual towards another is determined by upbringing.

Current view of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence

Pediatricians must be aware that when they treat a child or adolescent presenting some of the signs previously mentioned or when they suspect of sexual abuse, even through apparently unfounded complaints made by a suffering child, these victims seek in them the hope to break the pact of silence that involves the incestuous family and the surrounding environment.

In some cases, the discovery of sexual abuse of a child or adolescent by grandparents, granduncles or grandaunts may “break” the elementlaes amnesia of an abuse suffered by the victim’s own mother or father. Specific signs Although they are not always present, the signs and symptoms atrauss physical injury are quite conclusive for the diagnosis of sexual abuse eatructuras children and adolescents and should always be investigated.

Do pediatric chief residents recognize details of prepubertal female genital anatomy: Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name.

In several cases, the mother, either consciously or unconsciously, delegates the heavy role of mother and wife, in every respect, to her adolescent daughter.


Conclusions Pediatricians, by accomplishing their professional role and duty, are supposed to be able to prevent sexual abuse, diagnose its risks, and raise an early suspicion, and when violence is in the process of being established, to make a timely diagnosis and reporting, so that the physical and emotional integrity of the child or adolescent can be warranted.

There should be a distinction between the implementation of primary care for acute rape situations or other form of sexual abuse, which is an emergency and demands immediate action to manage physical and emotional injuries, and chronic and repetitive abuse, although both are extremely detrimental to the child or adolescent. According to Freud, S.

The few cases that are reported to supposedly protective agencies end up as inconclusive forensic examinations or as lewd acts without physical evidence or without confirmation by current criteria of the Brazilian penal code.

The articles of this Code, written inbased on the insufficient knowledge of that time about special characteristics of a developing human being, have been used as models for forensic reports esttucturas by the Medical Legal Service.

Editions of Elementary Structures of Kinship by Claude Lévi-Strauss

Except in the case of vaginal penetration, injury is limited to the vulvar and anal regions. At preschool age, immature cognitive development, poor perception of the world, combined with speech difficulties, affect the understanding of facts, and consequently, the reporting, follow-up and assessment of abuse cases.

To corroborate this aprentesco, the mother finds it difficult to admit incest, as estruchuras would acknowledge her failure as a mother and wife, whereas the offender uses all the tricks to keep his acts secret and unrevealed Its effects may be devastating and permanent; 19 however, no specific psychiatric symptom resulting from sexual abuse has been described.

The possibility that a child has of revealing an abuse may lead other children and adolescents from the same family environment to report on an abuse they are suffering or have already suffered. Nevertheless, current studies have demonstrated that some findings on examination may be variations of normal characteristics, whereas others are merely nonspecific abnormal findings.

In other situations, the child or adolescent can be induced to accuse a stranger or any other distant person who cannot defend himself from the accusation, thus covering up the actual offender. Guidelines for medico-legal care for victims of sexual violence. The related risks should be assessed in each case and also the necessity for prophylaxis against hepatitis B, pharmacological protection elemmentales nonviral STDs, chemoprophylaxis for HIV infection and, in female victims of reproductive age, emergency contraceptive administration.


The abuse is progressive and the more fear, aversion or resistance the victim feels, the more pleasure the offender has, and estructuraw more severe the violence.

All the history of sexual abuse and its circumstances, as well as the findings of physical examination, diagnostic tests and therapies used, must be carefully described and recorded on the patient’s medical chart. However, children do not reveal immediately that they were sexually abused, which allows total healing to occur within a few days and, when the child is examined later, the anatomical characteristics of the anogenital region may not show evident injuries.

Children referred for possible sexual abuse: One should bear in mind that all types of sexual abuse may lead to developmental imbalance in children and adolescents and that the lack of diagnosis of vaginal penetration which characterizes rape should not be minimized, or given a milder connotation.


Another fact that shows the complex impact of this type of violence on family structure is that incest is more frequently reported in families with a lower socioeconomic background and more easily concealed by upper-class families 19 adapted from Kaplan et al.

This guarantees the possibly necessary protection in cases of interest to the Justice and provides data for the application of measures, based on the information contained in the chart, of the “Indirect Medical-Legal Examination Sexual Intercourse Report. Summary of the findings: Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease. In chronic cases, which unfortunately are the great majority, the child or adolescent is extremely emotionally broken and may present all the signs of destruction and self-destruction, as a result of the emotional sequelae caused by the abuse.

There is a presumption that children younger than 14 years are unable to give informed consent.