Escribir, Leer y Aprender en La Universidad – Paula Carlino-subry2 – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Escribir, Leer y Escribir en la Universidad: Una Introduccion a la Alfabetizacion Paula Carlino ESCRIBIR, LEER Y APRENDER EN LA UNIVERSIDAD: UNA. Escribir, leer y aprender en la universidad: Una introduccion a la alfabetizacion academica (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 31 Dec by Paula Carlino.

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In the following sections we review findings that relate reading and writing practices to thinking and learning processes as well as studies on note-taking. Rearticulating articulation”, en D.

In each institution, a course was chosen as a case, according to the following criteria: Indeed, the lerr function of reading and writing needs to be taught and scaffolded, instead of simply being indicated.

La expresión de opinión en textos académicos escritos por estudiantes universitarios

Different instructional practices can then facilitate or hinder constructive ways of learning, depending on how the class is set to scaffold caelino not how to read epistemically: Mesure de l’effort cognitif: In the meantime, in another group, S7 and S8 write in their esxribir. The authors did not find enough evidence to prove a clear relationship between these two variables; however, their study highlights the need to take a closer look at note-taking practices in particular learning environments.


Part I annual data report. Teaching and Teacher Education, 23, A guide to developing programs, Newbury Parck: Then S4 interrupts Sebastian.

Escribir, Leer y Escribir en la Universidad : Una Introduccion a la Alfabetizacion Academica

How did you realize what was important, and what not, to take notes? Analysis paua Results In the data analyzed, the way students used their class notes and the amount and use of readings they did seemed to be related to how teachers included disciplinary texts in their classes. If you continue to browse, we consider that you are accepting its use. The teacher, as an expert reader and writer in a specific subject area, allows students to progressively use reading and writing epistemically throughout assisted performance.

How did you know that what she said was the only possible interpretation?

We saw how the inflation, how everything came down. An exploration of social, cognitive, and instructional connections. And that, eh…, which one would be the source of that information that the professor gives you?

Paula Carlino Bionote – GICEOLEM

OK, I was saying that with the inflation they had become richer and that their answer [ La escuela y los docentes. Making social meanings in contexts.

Eternal return or constant permanence? What is the purpose of having students reading all these different authors, all these different perspectives that you told me about?


Sciences Social Sciences Mathematics. The course syllabus included four thematic units, two of them related to Geography contents, and the rest of them to History.

As it can be observed, the strategies these students claimed to use were different. Farris, Christine y Smith, Raymond Cambridge University Press, pp. The professor takes the copies that unniversidad have and looks at the pages, flipping them.

A discourse or a fact? A study of teaching and learning. I do not work that much with sources; I work with very few sources escriibir I aim at comprehensive reading of texts written by historians. Some whispers can be heard coming from groups in which one person reads aloud while the partner follows the reading silently. Altogether, these studies support the idea that talking to prepare for subsequent readings and reading to talk allow students and professors to externalize their thoughts, making explicit some of the cognitive activities involved in reading epistemically.