View Eric Medemar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Eric has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. Has anyone here done any courses by Eric Medemar? http://www. Please share some reviews, I am looking for a good wholesaling. Who Is Eric Medemar Really? 7 years Ago Eric Medemar was broke as a Joke, and had to borrow money from his mom to pay for groceries. (No, I’m not.

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eric medemar reviews –

Not to brag or anything but I think I’m the only “guru” who can bench press lbs I just followed your lead, used the script as a guide and it worked. Discover a daily roadmap to take back your day and establish a time for intentional living with this journal! There is a lot of material included and Eric is jedemar straight forward with his “style”.

The material is all meat and potatoes and no fluff really. Others are going to hear about it and star using it to.

So, here I go…. In fact, it was just the opposite.

Eric Medemar Courses?

Why create an account? I have to say, I called about 10 numbers, that I collected from this method, and 2 said yes. Yes, I don’t know if Scottie was reading the same email as the rest of us. Your are a true mentor.


The Truth About Eric Medemar… | Negotiation Nemesis Review

Prior to the recent changes. Try not to promote this in South Carolina to much!

Seriously that email was not only classy but he offered to refund your money and send you a course for nothing. Like I said, those hit or miss methods really DO work. Even though Eric finally responded to my medemxr painting a less that flattering picture and the shady charater Eric really is!!

After looking medemag, I found Erics Courses and videos had a lot of current info from someone who is doing the biz I would be alot wealthier today, had I known then what I do eeic Scottie – What comments are you referring to? No joke, just today someone bought my stuff from a website I didn’t even know I had Seems to me Eric was trying to make things right.

Start analyzing real estate properties, we do the math for you.

I called the phone on the bottom of website and it was disconnected. I don’t do teasers, I don’t even medemaf an upsell in my shoppingcart.

Claim Your 1491 Page Investors Holy Grail at the Bottom of This Page…

I also have taken advantage of the numerous FREE videos nedemar has done. Has anyone here done any courses by Eric Medemar? That’s the honest to god truth I’d say that SOB is just offering a bunch of teaser material His new course is I think you had a one off situation and should take it like that and not exhibit you negative attitude.


But one of the best ways to keep you refund rate low is to never ever give refunds when customers request them. Thanks for wanting to help educate people so they can set themselves up with cashflow for life with REI. Wow, Looks like we have 2 situations both explaining similar things in that they were not given a refund on a 60 day money back guarantee and both times, the excuse was the emails were out of date.

The techniques are solid and not some regurgitated guru hype info. On occasion I’ve had people think they were getting in touch with me via email but it was going to an old account that I can’t access or shut down. Is the information in the first one also in the second one? The other 8 calls were not answered or either I got an answer machine, in which I opted to not leave a message. It saves a TON meddmar money. I’ve purchased some of Eric’s products and I’ve never questioned his integrity.