Congress of the Philippines Eleventh Congress Third Regular Session REPUBLIC ACT NO AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN THE ELECTRIC POWER. RA The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN Click photo for full PDF Report. EPIRA Pager. Home; Resources; Position Papers; RA – Amending the Electric Power Supply Industry Reform Act of (EPIRA).

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The Act elira the ERB and created in its place the Energy Regulatory Commission ERC which is a purely independent regulatory body performing the combined quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative and administrative functions in the electric industry.

The existence of any or some of the following circumstances may be considered as evidence of bad faith in the removals made as a result of reorganization, giving rise to a claim for reinstatement or reappointment by an aggrieved party:.

ProvidedThat in the formulation of the financial capability standards, the nature and function of the entity shall be considered: The ERC may authorize other similar entities to become eligible as members, either directly or indirectly, of the wholesale electricity spot market.

The power to fix and regulate the rates or charges pertinent to shipping or transporting of petroleum products shall also be exercised by the Board. KERB, fearful of the uncertainty of the employment status of its members, filed the present petition on 20 December In the event a divestment is required, the ERC shall allow the affected party sufficient time to remedy the infraction or for an orderly disposal, but shall in no case exceed twelve 12 months from the issuance of the order.

Determine, fix, and approve, after due notice and public hearings the universal charge, to be imposed on all electricity end-users pursuant to Section 34 hereof. On the other hand, removal implies that the office and its related positions subsist and that the occupants are merely separated from their positions.

Republic Act No. 9136

All amended contracts shall be submitted to the Joint Congressional Power Commission for approval. The pertinent portions of Section 38 read: That the subtransmission assets shall be operated and maintained by TRANSCO until their disposal to qualified distribution utilities which are in a position to take over the responsibility for operating, maintaining, upgrading, and expanding said assets. Other Transferred Powers and Functions.

Abolition and removal are mutually exclusive concepts. We thus need to compare the provisions enumerating the powers and functions of the ERB and the ERC to see whether they have substantially the same functions. An abolition is made in good faith when it is not made for political or personal reasons, or when it does not circumvent the constitutional security of tenure of civil service employees.


Distribution utilities which do not comply with any of the prescribed technical specifications and performance standards shall submit to the ERC a plan to comply, within three 3 years, with said prescribed epirz specifications and performance standards.

In case of disagreement in valuation, procedures, ownership participation and other issues, the ERC shall resolve such issues. IbayOliver B.

Throughout the years, the scope of the regulation has gradually narrowed from that of public services in to the electricity industry and water resources in to the electric power industry and oil industry in to the electric industry alone in Provided, furtherThat such standards are epirs to ensure that the electric power industry participants meet the minimum financial standards to protect the public interest.

InNPC was converted into a stock corporation wholly owned by the government under Republic Act To justify the nullification of a law, there epora be a clear and unequivocal breach of the Constitution. The ERC shall, within sixty 60 days from the effectivity of this Act, promulgate the rules and regulations to implement and effect this provision.

Shortcut for viewing the content section of the current page. Creation of the National Transmission Company. For this purpose, the ERC shall promulgate rules and regulations prescribing the qualifications of electricity suppliers which shall include, among other requirements, a demonstration of their technical capability, financial capability, and creditworthiness: The Ruling of the Court.

Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box. Provided, howeverThat ERC may give an exemption in case of unusual devaluation: The Epirz assumed office on 15 August Compliance to these criteria is measured in three levels: A valid order of abolition must not only come from a legitimate body, it must also be made in good faith. A small distribution company is one 91366 peak demand is equal to Ten megawatts 10MW.

Position Papers

Thursday, 11 October Napocor inaugurates first mini grid in Palawan Friday, 21 September Napocor restores power to Typhoon Ompong affected islands and off-grid areas Thursday, 06 September Napocor remits dividends to the national coffers Thursday, 30 August Napocor terminates water spilling operations at Eppira Roque dam.

A public office is created by the Constitution or by law or by an officer or tribunal to which the power to create the office has been delegated by the legislature. All notices of hearings to be conducted by the ERC for the purpose of fixing rates or fees shall be published at least twice for two successive weeks in two 2 newspapers of nationwide circulation.


The rationale was to consolidate and entrust into a single body all the regulatory and adjudicatory functions pertaining to the energy sector. Shortcut for FAQ page.

Historical Background

Jurisdiction, Powers and Functions of the Board. Debts of Electric Cooperatives. Only eight 8 ERB employees could not be appointed to new positions due to the reduction of the ERC elira and the absence of positions appropriate to their respective qualifications and skills. The Chairman and members of the Commission shall assume office at the beginning of their terms: Butalidand Mary Anne B. Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. Shortcut for feedback page.

The ERC shall determine such form of rate-setting methodology, which shall promote efficiency.

RA – Amending the Electric Power Supply Industry Reform Act of (EPIRA)

The ERC may adopt alternative forms of internationally-accepted rate setting methodology as it may deem appropriate. The petition has no merit. The foregoing transfer of powers and functions shall include applicable funds and appropriations, records, equipment, property and such personnel as may be necessary; ProvidedThat with reference to paragraph b of Section 4 hereof, only such amount of funds and appropriations of the Bureau of Energy Utilization, as well as only the personnel thereof who are completely or primarily involved in the exercise by said Bureau of its regulatory and adjudicatory powers and functions, shall be affected by such transfer: Peira ERC shall make copies of such reports available to any interested party upon payment of a charge which reflects the printing costs.

The ERC shall verify the reasonable amounts and determine the manner and duration epirw the full recovery of stranded debt and stranded contract costs as defined herein x x x x. The same is true if one office is abolished and its duties, for reasons of economy are given to an existing officer or office.

The rate-setting methodology so adopted and applied must ensure a reasonable price of electricity. Accessibility key for redirecting to homepage. InAct No. Apo Geothermal complexes, shall be reviewed by the ERC and the terms thereof amended to remove any hidden costs or extraordinary mark-ups in the cost of power or steam above their true costs.