Dieu est amour: Lettre Encyclique – Deus Caritas est PDF Online. Hi friends, are you today reading a book??? a day you read what book time?? Do not you. Dieu est amour: Lettre encyclique Deus caritas est sur l’amour chrétien by Benoît XVI at – ISBN – ISBN Dieu est amour: Lettre encyclique Deus caritas est sur lamour chrétien Broché – 31 janvier Benoît XVI Dominique Rey Editions Emmanuel

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At the same time, the devotion of the faithful shows an infallible intuition of how such love is possible: Though up to now we have been speaking mainly of the Old Testament, nevertheless the profound compenetration encycpique the two Testaments as the one Scripture of the Christian faith has already become evident.

Editions of God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est by Pope Benedict XVI

There are other, similar classifications, such as the distinction between possessive love and oblative love amor concupiscentiae — amor benevolentiaeto which is sometimes also added love that seeks its own advantage. Individuals who care for those in need must first be professionally competent: He tells us that the good pastor must be rooted in contemplation.

As the years went by critas the Church spread further afield, the exercise of charity became established as one of her essential activities, along with the administration of the sacraments and the proclamation of the word: This is love in its most radical form. Eros was thus celebrated as divine power, as fellowship with the Divine. Going beyond exterior appearances, I perceive in others an interior desire for a sign of love, of esh.


The Second Vatican Council had made this point very clearly: Concretely, what does this path of ascent and purification entail?

Saint Paul, in his hymn to charity cf. This has always been emphasized by Christian teaching on the State and by the Church’s social doctrine.

CottolengoJohn Boscoand Luigi Orione.

She cannot and must not replace the State. This can only take place on the basis of an intimate encounter with God, an encounter which has become a communion of will, even affecting my feelings.

Often the deepest cause of suffering is dus very absence of God.

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Sentiments come and go. At the gates of Amiens, Martin gave half of his cloak to a poor man: To learn more, please contact our Seattle plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation with Dr.

In a world where the name of God is sometimes associated with vengeance or even a duty of hatred and violence, this message is both timely and significant. In the example of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta we have a clear encycliqud of the fact that time devoted to God in prayer not only does not detract from effective and loving service to our neighbour but is in fact the inexhaustible source of that service.

Mary is a woman of faith: Love of God and love of neighbour are now truly united: Yet the promotion of justice through efforts to bring about openness of mind and will to the demands of the common good is something which concerns the Church deeply. As a political task, this cannot be the Church’s immediate responsibility. This limit is now abolished. The multiple structures of charitable service in the social context of the present day AAS 80 The consciousness that, in Christ, God has given himself for us, even unto death, must inspire us to live no longer for ourselves but for him, and, with him, for others.


This is the text that appears promulgated in the Vatican’s official gazette of record, “Acta Apostolicae Sedis”. Love of neighbour is thus shown to be possible in the way proclaimed by the Bible, by Jesus. In the Catholic Church, and also in the other Churches and Ecclesial Communities, new forms of charitable activity have arisen, while other, older ones have taken on new life and energy.

Encydlique Week Jesus of Nazareth: Its aim is simply to help purify reason and to contribute, here and now, to the acknowledgment and attainment of what is just. The epicure Gassendi used to offer Descartes the humorous greeting: The two spheres are distinct, yet always interrelated.