Mediante la educación diabetológica es posible transmitir los conocimientos sobre la enfermedad y el tratamiento para que los pacientes con DM1 y sus. Programas de Educación diabetológica. Supervivencia 3 días. Conocimientos mínimos y apoyo psicológico para tratar la enfermedad. Transcript of Educación diabetológica. EDUCACION DIABETOLOGICA 1. Glucemia capilar: Los padres comenzarán a realizar las glucemias.

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M3T6 Bibliografía | Educación Diabetológica en un click

In subjective questions, Questions of the survey on treatment with MDI. Health Administration Press; Mean patient age at the time of the study was What is the maximum bolus you have configured?.

Calculate the insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio in breakfast. Those variables were; admission days, frequency of visits to the emergency ward due to complications, and permissions to go home and HbA1c at 3 to 6 educaciom after discharge from the hospital.

Survey of physician practice behaviors related to diabetes mellitus in the U. Caregivers of patients with better djabetologica control manipulated more often the infusion device, and answered that their degree of participation was the same or less since therapy had been changed from MDI to CSII.

Educación diabetológica by Irene Prats García on Prezi

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. All patients were receiving intensified treatment for diabetes, either MDI or CSII, according to the recommendations of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes ISPAD17 basal insulin detemir as one or two doses in those given and insulin aspart before each of the main meals for both modalities 3—5 doses dailyalways based on the specific needs of each patient.


What type of infusion set do you use?. Education was provided by both endocrinologist and diabetes education nurses of the unit. Data on age with patient stratification into two groups, under 12 years and 12 years or older and time since onset of diabetes were assessed.

Vincent Declaration action programme. The degree of metabolic control is related to diabetes education of the patient or caregiver, but the good metabolic control of study patients — with HbA1c levels in the past year of 6. BMC Pediatr, 13pp.

From the start of treatment with the pump, your participation in diabetes management International Diabetes Federation; The question on blood glucose goals was answered yes or no in some surveys without detailing the values, possibly due to inadequate formulation of the question.

Patients and methods The level of knowledge of caregivers of children and adolescents with T1DM was assessed using a survey adapted to the type of treatment used multiple dose insulin [MDI] or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion [CSII].

Educación diabetológica

As regards relation between metabolic control and diabetes education, the study reflects some trends in analysis in the different groups assessed. The figure of a nurse educator improves HbA1c levels and lipid profile in patients with type 1 diabetes. An indication of good metabolic control in patients participating in the study was the absence of acute decompensation episodes with ketosis of severe hypoglycemia, either because patients usually had adequate blood glucose levels or because patients and their caregivers reacted to the first educavion and symptoms diabetologicx acute decompensation of the disease as the result of adequate diabetes education.

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Who does usually calculate the dose of insulin?. Nutr Hosp, 28pp.

This trend may possibly be due to the greater difficulty for these caregivers to acquire new skills, although it cannot be ruled out that their training level was similar to that of parents with higher education level but they had problems to diabetllogica that knowledge into their answers to the test items. A nationwide educational experiment: The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial DCCT showed that poor blood glucose control increases the risk of educacino microvascular complications, including renal and retinal complications.

Family empowerment refers to caregivers who have received more comprehensive training in management of diabetes in order to make them able to make decisions in multiple situations.

Services on Demand Journal. IFDOR, un menu a la francaise.

Taller Anual De Educación Diabetológica

Evaluate the effectiveness of systematic diabetes education in children diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 1 DM1in Fuenlabrada University Hospital Madrid. Calculate the total sensitivity index. The authors state that they have no conflicts of interest.