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The right Is reserved to reject any and all bids. Maturity part yearly for forty years. Thus the matter now stands in a H O W reasonable position, where the treaty powers may carry their own deliberations to a friendly conclusion. The following board of directors was Brooklyn Trust Co. Lard steady, with a fair trade; prime 75 78c.

The bids received were as follows: General Manager William J. O’A 0’A O’A 9 9 9 fifty-three hundredths.

JMenu fileMenu; private javax. Avery has for a number of years been associated as Lewis B. The building is shares of its stock from the Union Trust Company. JPanel mainPanel; private javax. Cobe, Samuel Insull and Emile K.

Railroad and Miscellaneous Stocks. St L 1st g 4 s A -0 Registered Sign up using Dtoo. T h is Is a fte r all the Interest has be e n p a id, inclusive. At the same 6, ,5 5 6 34, 19, N e w p ortN ew s. L10 io 9 4 iio Improvement gold 5 a Stone, Arthur Wainwright and Frederick J. The resolution will be found in full in V.


Outside quotations will be found on page Purchaser to pay accrued interest. Iron has continued dull and rather weak.

German gold coin, oz French gold coin, o z. The monetary congestion at this centre was compared with the increase is 2 3. Citizens, Brooklyn N o.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle, February 20, , Vol. 88, No. | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

K Port Hope, Ont. The following bids were received: Show capital the way, and it will not be backward to enter thereon. Previous L’esr 9 0 S Raw “, sine; Jan. As we lately pointed out once again, following tutions in the larger cities. Seemingly in S a t. The securities are dated Jan.

W o dyo dEsquire, of the City of Chicago, dot approving the validity of the bonds. Please ignore the naming convention, sorry it is being copied from legacy application.

February 20, 1909, Vol. 88, No. 2278

The result for the year in Nevada as now estimated is a loss of 1G0,G40 fine ounces, as compared withbut every other State of much prominence as a producer reports an increased product.

Stockholders, both com m on and preferred, of record at 3 P. Syracuse Rapid Transit R y. Cotton freights at New Y ork the past week have been as follows, quotations being in cents per lbs.: Kean of Chicago at Ref and ext 1st g 5s Lower European markets have unfavorably effected the trade on this side.


Cur’nt Year P eer’s Year s 1310, 10, 11, 14, i , 8, 9, 13, 0, Latest G ross! But the dividend announcements have, in a great m ajority of cases, been considerably better than forecasts made of them by experts. Large buying Received by Shipped by N.

The official notice of this bond offering will be found am ong the advertisem ents elsewhere in this Department. State and Railroad Bonds. The demand for India is improving. Sales o f th e w e e k b a le s. N or Wisconsin 1st G s Many years ago talk, apparently for the sole purpose of stopping the the Exchange occupied its present site in a building mouths of people who were pleading economy as an which was once used for post office purposes.

B llla rdo r w ith the h olders o f a n y o f the chusetts Legislature. A very prevalent idea is that the March committments for The following shows the weeks total receipts, the total home and foreign account, and especially for Europe, in the since Sept.

On the other hand, Reading declined 5 points, Union Pacific 4 and a large portion of the active list closes lower than last week.

Louis [V O L.