From the team who brought you DeltaView, get the lightning fast, dead accurate way to compare two files. Understand every change in a document according to. DeltaView provides a single, comparison document in a simple, easy-to-read format. Fully understanding all changes can increase the accuracy of the final. Other – Document comparison/management software. I am looking into purchasing DeltaView ().

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Workshare makes the process of editing, revising and comparing documents fast and efficient. Professional teams are able to compare multiple, lengthy, and complex documents quickly, with the highest level of accuracy.

Comparisons are shown as a Workshare DeltaView, the industry standard for easy-to-read and accurate redlines. Working with a group on a project can become extremely cumbersome, especially when it comes to the review cycle. Multiple versions are passed around on email, and it is difficult to decipher the differences between them, or even identify the original file.


Document Comparison Software for Legal Teams – Workshare

Workshare Compare enables users to easily compare documents to easily identify and review changes. Users can then apply changes to multiple versions from the same application or from within Word, increasing accuracy and speeding up review processes.

Depending on what stage of the review a file is in, certain changes become more relevant. Workshare Compare provides the most advanced review – the ability to group changes helps make navigating comparisons faster.

Documents can live anywhere. Tracking down and comparing versions to determine which is the most up-to-date version deltavie be difficult. Workshare Compare tightly integrates with Outlook, DMSs and ECM systems, integrating with existing workflows so that users can easily compare file versions without having to switch between different applications.

Fast, accurate document comparisons with visualization and tracking tools to help you progress reviews more confidently and much faster. Easily identify, review, and apply changes to multiple versions from the same application.

If your environment is not included in the following list, it may still be a compatible environment. Contact Workshare Customer Support support workshare. Unless otherwise stated, all environments are the English version with the en-us language set. Check with your Citrix vendor about which Windows operating system supports your version of Citrix.


DeltaView is back: What is new in Professional 9? | Workshare Blog

Interactive Protect and the replace email attachment with link feature of Workshare Protect is not supported in a Lotus Notes environment. The NetDocuments integration requires that Microsoft Internet Explorer is installed the NetDocuments login screen is displayed in an IE iframe although it does not have to deltavview the default browser.

D48 Mar 28 Workshare will endeavor to support future service packs of certified environments. Request For Trial Click Here.