It is also from this work that I draw my philosophy for leaching the putting game in the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools. My putting bible is a work in progress. Has anybody read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible? I’ve just bought the book, but should have asked around before I did so. Putting is definitely the. Over , readers have purchased Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible after just its first year of release publication, making the book an instant.

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Posted February 20, Trivia About Dave Pelz’s Putti Although I am a beginner at this game, I would venture to puttung that if there is anything about putting this book does not mention, it is probably something you don’t need to know.

To work in a plug for the EOB aiming and alignment device, it is really more of a playing aid than a training aid.

Now, let Dave help you shape up your game on the greens with his new Putting Biblewhich is sure to make all other putting manuals obsolete. Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: One can quickly learn that rhythm by counting the number of steps one takes per minute when walking a flat area on the course. The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green. Now, let Dave help you shape up your game on The knowledge learned would definitely improve your putting and eliminate any questions in your mind that might confuse you.

I feel your pain brother.

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green

One is that they outting been approved, or should have been approved, by the USGA for actual play. For example, on a putt with 40 inches of break, the putt actually struck averages about 36 inches of break.


I loved all the attention to blble and the passion for putting by Dave. Dave’s way is simple, he details all the elements involved in putting so that as a player we stop blaming our selves and learn to instead focus on the enormity of the task at hand. I’ve never really used a putting guide.

Putt will find great fault with the work of Dave Peltz because of professional competition, they would be greatly mistaken. I’ve heard people say that often those who think they are S2S are actually putting with a small arc Either way, I want to improve my putting this year and learn a little more about MY stroke Buble am more of a pelz putter I use the term “putter” loosely.

Open Preview See a Problem? Jeong-joon Lee rated it pez liked it Jan 04, However, many of these devices can be easily built in almost any garage. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Trevor rated it liked it Jan 15, In all fairness, Peltz does admit in other places in the book that much is yet to be learned, and indeed, research is taking place on the yips and hopefully will soon provide us with additional help.

Other days it seems I can’t get enough energy to tell myself those lies, and resultantly, I putt like crap. We’d love to have you!

All I knew putting that my putting sucked, but with Pelz 19s self-evaluation concepts I was able to identify exactly what needed improvement. Nov 18, John Jannuzzi rated it liked it. Dave Pelz is the most well known and a highly respected expert on the short game, especially putting.


Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green – Dave Pelz – Google Books

Sonic I totally agree with the idea of trusting your stroke and psyching yourself up. Want to hide this ad? Dave Pelzs series of books are a great addition to my collection. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. Every golfer knows a 2-foot putt counts the same as a yard drive–one stroke.

In the case of an arced path, the putter blade is only square with the aimline at the instant it touches the aimline, and this introduces an additional variable that lends less precision to putting. By uncovering the mysteries of this part of the game, Puttiing Pelz’s Putting Bible raises putting instruction to a new level.

Sign in Already have an account? Pelz offers a useful rule of thumb on reading break.

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green by Dave Pelz

Everything you could possibly ever desire in your lifetime to want to know about putting. Sep 20, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Dave explains, putting is actually simple to understand and do.

If you take about steps per minute as does Dr. Leo Noordhuizen rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Indeed, one must be ppelz to wade through nearly pages! Published Pflz 6th by Doubleday first published June 1st Of course, we must all make a living, and Dr.