Carrion Comfort: A Novel [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels . The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Simmons (The Song of Kali) is a page epic that draws on a variety of genres–horror, science fiction. It is my opinion (mind you this opinion is based solely on this book, as I have not read anything else by Dan Simmons, but Carrion Comfort is.

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Carrion Comfort

comfoet Even when she could leave it alone, she will still go back and exact revenge on anyone who dares stop her detailed plans to get what she wants when she wants it. Our monsters are truly some of the most vile I have encountered.

When these people are controlled to murder, it imparts those with the Ability to look and feel younger and more alive. And as for the villains Melanie escapes, controlling one old woman in a car.

Meanwhile, Melanie flees, accessing hidden identities and bank accounts throughout the US, and prepares to hide using identities and money she has waiting in France. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Honorable mention is Rob Gentry.

It is a long and gripping story that offers a different kind of vampirism. This surge of power is particularly high when they use others to commit acts of violence. Dr Laski mentions a “climate of violence,”. Horrormeister Simmons Drood, etc. I won’t go onto any details, I’ll just recommend that you do not miss this book even if you don’t normally read horror.


I must say; after reading this book, I am completely disheveled in appearance and spent.

Garlic, crucifixes and holy water are completely useless against them. Oh also, some knowledge of chess might enhance your reading experience! Nov 20, Adam Light rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it’s to put it mildly a great book. Saul becomes a willing pawn in the “game,” having trained himself with self-hypnosis for months to memorize as many details as possible of the lives of death camp victims and survivors of the holocaust so that when Willi attempts to control him, the memories of others will confuse Willi in a way that will gain Saul a few seconds to attack and kill the old man.

The introduction to the 20th anniversary edition is worth the price of admission for cafrion writers.


Book published by Headline in It is based on a novella of the same title, published in in the magazine Omni. I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. And, yes, one of the minor characters is a young girl called Alicia, who discovers the world is a very bad place. The arrogant movers and shakers in the secret society couldn’t have less empathy for their fellow human beings.

Aug 29, Tressa rated it it was amazing Shelves: A complaint would be that the book did feel too long He does much of his writing at Windwalker—their mountain property and cabin at 8, feet of altitude at the base of the Continental Divide, just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. It concerns a group of ‘mind vampires’ [ 1 ], humans who can influence others to the extent they can completely subvert their wills, making them perform horrific acts of violence.


Yeah, there are monsters, but they aren’t scary. I won’t go onto any details, I’ll just rec Hyperion gets a lot of love but I seldom see any mention of this amazing book. Being a Simmons work, a scientific background is given to the nature and possible origin of the mind-vampires. Would you have followed orders and slaughtered Jews by the millions?

The story is very well done, but there were a few problems I had with it. I loved the little links between everything.

Willi is an excellent character, in any time period. It’s huge, over pages, and dates back from Nazi Germany to present day.

skmmons A History of Horror Australian Genre. Such a well-designed monster should not garner guffaws based on his moniker alone. Carrion Comfort is the same kind of horror experience you’d receive if you cofort a marathon of the Underworld films.

The many, many chapters leading up to it are full of slaughter, philosophical discussion, bureaucratic bumbling and spy-versus-spy stuff Gordon Liddy with fangs and Mossad meets Mephistopheles with German accents —all of it improbable in the extreme, but in very good fun.