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We visited cohxuro winery where the vintner gave us the most authentic and informative tour of the vineyards and wine cellar we have had. Retrieved from ” https: Our tour guide, Ryan Opaz, was extremely knowledgeable about the wines, the Quintas, the history of Port and Portuguese table wine and the country of Portugal.

Crows, salamanders and witches, charms of the folk healer ess. Queimada was initially prepared by groups of Galician emigrants in places like Madridtypically after fellowship lunches and other group events.

The tour and experience could not have been better! Typically, while preparing the punch a spell or incantation is recited, so that special powers are conferred to the queimada and those drinking it. The highlight was a great food experience in the winery while staring at the amazing Douro landscape, while sipping whites, red and port wine from the same house.

Pour the rest of the orujo and remaining sugar into the clay bowl and stir. Useless belly of the unmarried woman, speech of the cats in heat, dirty turf of the wicked born goat. Forces of air, earth, sea and fire, to you I make this call: Pecadora lingua da mala muller casada cun home vello. The tours offered here give you something that is unique, filled with passion and love for this wonderful city and surrounding areas. Be sure to have a large lid handy to put out the flames.


With thousands of tapas Pour approximately 4 Tbsp orujo and 1 Tbsp sugar into a small glass and stir to dissolve sugar, then set aside. Consello da Cultura Galega.

All aspects of the tour were planned to provide an exceptional experience for our group of eleven friends. Queimada is an alcoholic beverage of Galician tradition. The origins of the ritual are still unknown, though competing theories predict that it was either a remnant of the Celtic tribes that settled in Spain in the 11th century who worshiped polytheism or developed in the s when Tito Freire designated the clay pot in which the Queimada is prepared.

It was a fun time for all!

Conxuro da Queimada: A Galician Fortified Witches Brew

The tour included several days in and near Lisbon, and then five days in Porto and the wineries and vineyards along the Douro River. Our group’s tour off the beaten path with Catavino was a carefree day of discovery in fine company, and with memorable food and wine. Many places here say they offer the authentic version of Porto, but rarely do – these tours go into places that others don’t, they bust the myths of wine, Port and give you the real insights, show cconxuro the faces behind the wine.

The goal of the preparation ritual is to qeuimada the bad spirits that, according with the tradition, lie in wait for men and women to try to curse them. Carefully move the ladle very close to the clay pot until the orujo mixture in the pot catches fire. Check date values in: Just spent a wonderful day in the Douro wine region with the Catavino team and a local winemaker.


Conxuro da Queimada | Alba (Belessita) desde A Coruña (priva… | Jordi Miralles | Flickr

Whenever a conversation veers queimaea Portuguese white wines, the lush green region of Vinho Verde is inevitably spoken, where This ritual was so successful that it quickly became very widespread. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Finally, the food was amazing and included several dinners and lunches with wine makers who were personally know by Ryan. Catavino Tours organized the trip for us and friends. Highlighted Tours Private Vinho Verde.

Callos a la galega Churrasco Lengua escarlata. If you are looking for something to do when in Porto I cant recommend their conxurk enough – first class. Demons, goblins and devils, spirits of the misty vales.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The tradition also says that one of the perfect days to make the “conxuro da queimada” spell of queimada is in Samhainthe Celtic New Year’s Eve.

Queimada (drink) – Wikipedia

One of them ends the process of making the queimada while reciting the spell holding up the burning liquid in a ladle and pouring it slowly back into the container.

Mouchos, curuxas, sapos e bruxas. Owls, barn owls, toads and witches. With this bellows I will pump queinada flames of this fire which looks like that from Hell, and witches will flee, straddling their brooms, going to bathe in xonxuro beach of the thick sands.