Conquista de lo inútil has ratings and reviews. Lee said: Here’s something to do before the end of the month: read this book and watch Fitzcar. WERNER HERZOG CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition). Stock Image. CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition): WERNER HERZOG. With Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Justo González. In the s, an adolescent Werner Herzog was transfixed by a film performance of the .

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In this personal documentary, Herzog traces the often violent ups and downs of their relationship, revisiting the various locations of their films and talking to the people they worked with. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Himself archive footage Walter Saxer Mick Jagger comes across as a really great guy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo

Anyway, I was enthralled and I think any fan of Kinski must regard this as essential viewing. Reading his diaries from the movie shoot recalled many of those scenes–Kinski raving and screaming, Herzog looking drawn and dour, animals shrieking, machinery breaking in impressive and dangerous ways, a general aura of doom.

And ihtil it’s not a tell-all sort of thing, if you’re interested in such details as his frustration with Klaus Kinski, or what it was like to work with Mick Jagger and Claudia Cardinale, that’s here too, but this book reaches much deeper. Kinski might have been a nightmare in person but in this book he is pure comedy.

The answer is an emphatic “yes. Whether you think it is about madness, human endurance, humanity, mortality, vanity, colonialism, the conquest of the useless, the burden of dreams you would be correct.


Conquista de lo inútil

wernee At times they literally tried to kill each other, but then there’s footage included that shows their obvious warmth and affection for each other. All that is to be reported is this: Herzog seems to enjoy love-hate relationships — his relationship with the Amazon is much like his relationship with Klaus Kinski.

Lists with This Book. The jungle that Herzog describes sounds like hell on earth – dangerous animals, aggressive natives, and general sort of decay that affects everyone and everything.

It is very much like a novel, in that it is episodic, and Herzog mixes in dreams and random snippets of past news with the daily reality.

Just watch the astonishing ‘Aguirre: Walter and I shook it out of the cage, because it did not want to budge. The metaphor has become in itself art. Absolutely essential viewing for all Kinski buffs! I slpt of the bad half dressed, with my shoes next to me so I could get them on quickly.

As such it overcomes its own origins and stands as something special; worth reading even if you have never seen Fitzcarraldo or don’t even know what it is. But I found all of this admissible, and even werned in the case of the latter.

My Best Fiend () – IMDb

Refresh and try again. He also did this one film few people have heard of, Fitzcarraldo. A large brown moth was boring into the smooth concrete floor as if it wanted to go down into the earth, and beating its wings so violently that the wooden sound it created blended with the electrical wefner and crackling of a dying fluorescent bulb overhead like a symphony from the depths of a ghastly universe, a intli readying itself for the final harvest.


About the daring adventure of exploring rain forest canopy with a novel flying device-the Jungle Airship.

Top Documentary Films – By: Especially since I got to read passages like this: We are wait for parts from Manaus. The snake crawled right back into its enclosure, yet when I checked later, it was gone, and there was a clear trail in the sand leading toward the jungle. You can almost smell the rotten fruit and feel hezog mud, damp and humidity. Books by Werner Herzog.

I saw him kneeling inside. Jul 21, Chris rated it it was amazing. Intiil dreamscape l of fist-sized jungle spiders that lie in wait in the director’s shoe, impossible filming conditions that test the sanity of veteran film crews, and a half-goblin, half-genius actor whose volatile tantrums seek only to draw attention to his own creative indolence, the greatest shame of all, though, is that there isn’t an audio version of this book; seriously, if someone started a kickstarter to generate funds to pay Herzog to read this book out loud, I’d put money in today.

There were also many descriptions of problems with the cast and crew, particularly with Klaus Kinski, who played the lead. You have to be there. That is what this diary is about – the survival of aspiration.