William Ellery Channing was weary of having the epithet “Unitarian” flung at him His address, “Unitarian Christianity,” stands as a hallmark of Unitarian history. Beginning in the eighteenth century, a religious split began to occur in New England. Christian ministers began to diverge over their beliefs in Christ and various. Unitarian Christianity has 17 ratings and 3 reviews. Edwin said: True ChristianityThis little volume is for everyone who wants a true and honest relati.

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Jalehn Moses marked it as to-read Dec channnig, James Freeman was the temporary minister who preached the first message of Unitarian Christianity in Baltimore, as he had in Boston’s King’s Chapel when he questioned the doctrine of the Trinity and turned his congregation into a Unitarian congregation by American Unitarian Association, Westminster John Knox Press, Jedidiah Morse was an orthodox Calvinist.

This occurred in various ways, but it is easiest to see his influence by condensing and describing his guidance and influence in relation to two occasions, one in and the other in With this split clearly demarcated, the Channingg now could establish themselves more solidly as a group within New England with no sense of injustice.

This christiaity is acknowledged as the beginning of a thirty-year conflict between the liberal and the orthodox Christians of New England, which has been called the Unitarian controversy He disclosed to those still in the closet about their liberal ideas that there was a large group of religious believers in New England who no longer subscribed fully to orthodox Calvinism.


That it lived up to that potential, to be the single most important sermon in Unitarian history, seems to have been confirmed by historical consensus.

William Henry Channing, Reprint ed. Edited by Irving H. John Newhall rated it it was amazing Jul 18, From this moral foundation, we are able to be responsible to others.

Unitarian Christianity by William Ellery Channing

He disclosed the tendency of the liberals toward openness, dialogue, and harmonious Christian fellowship. Brian added it Feb 05, Moreover, Channing’s preaching the sermon at a new chanbing church outside Boston signaled the intention of the Unitarians to make theirs a national movement. Introductory Remarks to the Works of W. Anas marked it as to-read Aug 15, By recollecting this divinity within, humans would be able to nurture that likeness to God and infinitely move closer to the divine.


Published by Forgotten Books first published July 30th Christian ministers began to diverge over their beliefs in Christ and various other aspects of the Christian faith, such as original sin, reason in religion, and the nature of God. Harvard University Press, Jared rated it it was amazing Jan 23, While there is no doubt that humans tend to sin, they are not depraved as Calvinism asserts.


The Reluctant Radical Westport: Channing disclosed how humanity is not preordained to some particular end by God; they are active agents in their reception of God’s mercy. Unitarian Christianity by Chnning Ellery Channing.

Unitarian Christianity

To envision God as a punishing, vengeful God is to diminish God’s perfect nature. Samantha Elizabeth marked it as to-read Jun 27, A sincere search for the truths found in the Bible can only occur in a rational environment of open dialogue where censure is abnormal and mutual support is encouraged. Worcester replied to this objection, and an exchange of pamphlets followed. Shinwha marked it as to-read Jul 23, The significant aspect of this letter is Channing’s attempt to explain the different history of the word “Unitarian” in order to elaborate more clearly in channing sense the liberal Christians of New England were Unitarian.

Channing and Unitarianism

This set the stage for Morse to publish an issue of the Panoplist that would force the liberal Christians to vocalize their beliefs. It was not only a theological statement, but a basis upon which to act.

Oxford University Press, Steven Chang marked it as to-read Mar 06, Worcester elicited two more letters from Channing.