Buy a cheap copy of Innocents book by Cathy Coote. Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of. Innocents – Cathy Coote. by 1girl2manybooks on August 29, When I was 16, I went to the local horse races for a big meeting. My best friend in high school . All about Innocents by Cathy Coote. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Unforgettable, disturbing, and morally complex, Innocents permanently unsettles our notions of innocence, experience, and power, and suggests that we all are culpable. You can pick it out pretty early on in it, through subtle hints.

And I’m sharing that with you all because I cannot suffer it alone. And innlcents me a square, but sex all day every day sounds like it would just get so BORING, especially since this chick didn’t even seem innocdnts L I couldn’t figure this book out. This book was an enjoyable read mainly because it encouraged me to write a letter of my own. Obviously, I braced myself for some pretty dark taboos because of the description and the quick skims of reviews but innocejts if Coote didn’t take dark to a whole new level!

From the first page to the last,it kept me uncomfortable and hypnotized at the same time.

Jul 30, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cathy Coote was 19 when she wrote this book, and I can see that woven through on every. The proof to what a person might do to get attention.

Fiction Book Review: INNOCENTS by Cathy Coote, Author . Grove $13 (p) ISBN

Lolita seduced Humbert, sure – but she didn’t know what it meant, or what it would cost. I actually thought this book was super debasing to both men and women, by playing up the whole women-use-sex-to-get-their-way and men-can’t-keep-it-in-their-pants angles.

It’s written in her point of view, its a letter from her to him and she goes over how innocents played him every step of the way, not used, but innoccents her body and her moves and how she planned and acted almost every part of w This is a VERY sexual book.


The unfortunate bit about this book is that Coote actually has some keen talent as a writer – it just comes across as contrived, textbook, and obscenely melodramatic. I can’t recommend this as a general read, but for those interested in the subject matter of Lolita Complex or student-teacher relationship.

He eventually reads the letter the book we, the audience, have readhe forgives her because his love is enough to accept the fact that she’s just a cold and insane bitch she is crying as he accepts her back and tells him that she is faking the tears at that very moment, and all he does is coddle her and tell her its alright.

I think he was again, quite embarrassed by that!

Never did she know her Darling would somehow become her escape from all that’s gone wrong. The book is confessional, written in first person in the form of a letter from the girl to the teacher, after he has moved out his attentions have inverted her sadism to masochism, and her games inspire him to anally rape her; she locks herself in the bathroom and cries, and, overcome with guilt, he leaves, dropping a packet of money on the door step each week.

This is This book is, ultimately, an impressive accomplishment — a serious look at a taboo relationship from the standpoint of examining it on its own terms; with the understanding of how desire and power can work from both ends of the innocence and experience spectrum. Overall,innocents is not just a story.

The narrator is writing her “truth” to her former lover.

Jan 05, Amy rated it it was amazing. But when the perpetrator is a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, is she Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of an obsession, the debut of a precociously assured and provocative young literary voice. I know you think your to blame for what knnocents.

Instead, their one-time fallout lasts for two or so pages before the relationship is rebuilt.



But, later I found out that in Australia, where this story takes place, the age of consent is Innocents is basically one long sex scene interrupted by brief periods of rest. Two deus ex machina are used at the beginning, including a dying cat, to push the lovers together, which I thought was innocrnts bit chintzy, but hey, Milan Kundera has resorted to the same thing and gotten away with it. This book was almost adorable where it seemed to be attempting at disturbing. I’ve always believed the best books are those that inspire you.

Innocents A novel by Cathy Coote. Please provide an email address. It was a novel about seduction,manipulation,lies,skilled acting,addiction,destruction and what sexual desire can do to people.

That was kinda interesting I suppose, but then I started getting really freaked out when I could sympathise with her.

dahlhaus: Books: Innocents, by Cathy Coote

Book ReviewsCathy CooteInnocents. I especially liked her watching her lover and feigning joy as they return to their day to day routines, all the while thinking of trapping his best friend in her web when she becomes bored. I know you think your to blame for what happened. We have a 16 year old girl who is, by her own diagnosis, out of her mind, perverse, a sadist – because she likes to draw her classmates naked and being violated violently.

Oct 23, Scarlet rated it really liked it Shelves: Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And if the victim is her thirty-four-year-old teacher, shouldn’t he have known better? Unless you want to feel more sane by comparing yourself to this protagonist, but seriously, this is one of those highly tabooed, epitome-of-fucked-up kinda books Innocents, what misleadingly simple title Posted by Red at