Learn more about the Central American woolly opossum – with amazing Central American woolly opossum photos and facts on Arkive. Caluromys derbianus. Central American Woolly Opossum Uwe Speck Panama. Photo by Uwe Speck. The Central American Woolly Opossum is a medium-sized . Central American Woolly Opossum – Caluromys derbianus The Central American Woolly Opossum is without a doubt one of the cutest opossums in Drake Bay.

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They also lack the distinct spots above their eyes found on brown and gray four-eyed opossums. While the Central American woolly opossum reportedly breeds during the dry season from January to June in most of Central America, in Nicaragua it is believed to breed year-round 2.

Anterior base of I1; 2: Breeding season Central American woolly opossums most likely breed year-round, particularly during the dry season, from January to June.

September 29, ; Revised: We found clinal variation in the size of the skull of Caluromys lanatus from Andean populations,to the Bolivian-Paraguayan border, coinciding with those populations that overlap less in shape analyses. The geographic variation found in skull morphometric data of individuals from the southern Atlantic Forest also suggest that two subspecies proposed by Gardner – C.

Franco MNM. Posterior base of C, at the junction with maxilla; 5: When coordinates were not in the tags, we used standard ornithological gazetteers Paynter,to recover them. Due to its strictly nocturnal habits and enigmatic lifestyle, few observations of its behaviour have been made in the wild 2. One individual was captured and lived 5 years and three months in captivity at the New York Zoological Park.

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Morphological similarities between populations from Central Brazil and the Amazon may be explained by the fact that Cerrado vegetation may not be uniformly caluromy by climatic changes Salgado-Labouriau et al.

Italian Journal of Zoology 71 1: One set includes centroid size for all specimens. You do not currently have access to this article. Overlap for all other views are very similar, therefore only the dorsal view of the cranium is shown.

Woolly Opossum (Caluromys derbianus) – The Night Tour – Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Aceramarca gracile opossum G. Only complete adult specimens, i. Subgenus Caluromys Bare-tailed woolly opossum C. List Didelphys derbianus Waterhouse, D. Derbiqnus has been recorded in both mature and disturbed rainforest 5from sea level up to 2, metres 6.

Chinandega 87W07’12”; 12S37’12” KU; March 20, ; Accepted: It shows remarkable agility in moving derbiauns vines and branches. Journal of Tropical Ecology Posterior end of incisive foramen; It has large, pinkish ears, large brown eyes that give off a bright red eyeshine, and a stripe on its gray face that runs from its forehead down toward its nose.

Canopy Family Panama

Morphological variation across geographical and environmental discontinuities occur in different small mammal groups, such as rodents e. Conroy MVZJ. We analyzed the geographic variations in the shape and size of the cranium and mandible of two woolly opossums, Caluromys derbianus and Caluromys lanatus.

Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. The larvae’s first test, as soon as they are born, is to make their way into the mothers pouch and attach themselves to one of her mammary glands.


According to the IUCN Red List, Central American woolly opossums are a species of least concern because of their widespread range, presumed large population, tolerance of various habitats and the lack of direct threats to known populations. The butterflies were abundant and we saw dozens of metalmarks, brushfoots, hairstreaks and skippers – species were found during the tour, including three species of jewelmarks seen on the first day!

While the lifespan of the Central American woolly opossum in the wild is unknown, in captivity it can live up to six years of age 2. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Timm KUB.

Derby’s woolly opossum

The young opossums are probably weaned by the time they are four months old. These opossums sleep in a curled position; females have been noted as being more sedentary than their male counterparts.

In particular, pelage color, which was not assessed in this drbianus, is well known to vary geographically in this and other marsupial genera ThomasGoodwin and might explain the discrepancy between the existing classification and the one that results from our quantitative results from skull morphology, which failed to support a separation.

After ingesting the fruits of these trees, the seeds pass through its digestive tract unharmed and are dispersed when the opossum defecates in another location.