Breakaway. Deirdre Martin. Buy This Book. Many a romance novel features an adorable small town, filled with people and places a reader. Read “Breakaway” by Deirdre Martin with Rakuten Kobo. Rory Brady was Ballycraig’s golden boy, the local lad who moved to America and became a. Deirdre Martin New York Blades Hockey Breakaway The male protagonist is Rory Brady, the first Irish born hockey player to play for the New.

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I, like many others who’ve read the book, was left thinking that the heroine should have ended up with someone else anybody but Rory!

There were parts that still rang brsakaway to Martin’s trademark sports-themed romance stories.

Several of the books have been positively reviewed at http: Rory Brady, on the other hand, has just returned to Ballycraig after four years. It was exactly how I picture a snarky irish woman would be.

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This was a pretty good book. If Martin can give me a sunny day in the Irish Isles breakaeay can give me a perfectly structured moment of understanding for Rory…Or at least one well tongued criticism that makes him see the light.

But when Rory unexpectedly returns, plans have a way of changing, no matter how hard she fights against it. And taking it as just a standalone, unrelated to a series, it was just ok reading.

The people there, in general, are economically struggling, tend to drink too much, make self-destructive decisions, and are routinely nasty to each other. And he’ll make it all her fault, because he’s Rory G-ddamn Brady.

Even so, when the crash came, it was no less devastating. Rory knows Erin has been in love with Rory since she was a teenager. Rory Brady is the first Irish born player in the NHL, which garners him quite a bit of publicity and hero worship from fans in the states and abroad.


I love Deirdre Martin’s NY Blades series and I’ve read her off-shoot stories, too, but this story matrin been pretty disappointing.

She once had plans to leave, plans that fell apart when Rory Brady, the love of her life — they began dating when she was fourteen — broke his promise to marry her and bring her to New York City where he plays for the NHL. Martin sort of breakawag a really good scenario. Even now, she, and the entire town, hates Rory Brady for dumping her. Turns out Rory Brady was a bit of an ass and a jerk. They had their plans all made for their future until Rory became a professional hockey player.

I liked this book but I did have some big issues with deirdrw and there was almost to much stuff going on for me. And after the breakawat mambo even Erin thinks about how Rory dumping her heartlessly was just SO good for her.

EXCERPT: Breakaway by Deirdre Martin

I found myself wishing that the author had gone back and put a few of these thought processes into the characters’ heads as the book went on so that it didn’t seem so Jan 04, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 3 comments. She was heart broken, and her heart hardened against love.

Bbreakaway the regulars is Qu May 23, Splage rated it it was ok Shelves: In fact, at the same time I checked this one out I checked out several others by her. She caught her reflection in the mirror atop the scratched deirdrd from her childhood, and paused.

Mar 22, Aarann rated it it was ok. On that note, as happens to me with a lot of breakawxy novels, when I really looked at Erin and Rory, I didn’t understand why they fell in love deiedre each other — particularly why Rory fell for Erin. Probably just my current frame of mind. She’s a hot dish. First off, the book is a part of a series about the New York Blades hockey team players.


There are things in the book that do work for me. Erin’s mom was also an interesting character.

Breakaway by Deirdre Martin | : Books

His attempts to woo Erin are downright adorable. Erin has lived her entire life in Ballycraig. My biggest issue with this book is that Rory never got a swift kick in the martib. The Luck of the Irish. Although Breakaway is a series book, you would have no problem reading it as a stand-alone.

EXCERPT: Breakaway by Deirdre Martin | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

As it was, Erin came off really immature, and I found myself wondering if she and Rory would make it in the long run. Because Erin’s not worth a bed or anything fancy like that. But I was wrong, all throughout the book I kept thinking “what an ass!! She let him stew and realize that he had given up a good thing and that him breaking up with her that way really did hurt her more than he can ever imagine.

But it was a light and fast read. For delizioso pasta, go to Dante’s. It was just one little kiss. I did miss the hockey element of the book.