Answer: Bibliology is the study of the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. BIBLIOLOGY – THE DOCTRINE OF THE BIBLE. The Lord has given us His Word in order for us to know with certainty what life with Him is in reality. And with our. DOCTRINAL STATEMENT. I. Bibliology- The Doctrine of the Bible. A. I believe that the Bible is a reflection of God’s Character. Since He is perfect, His Word is.

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Building On Your Foundation. Doctrkne simply does not do that. Are there legitimate reasons to doubt that the stated author truly wrote the book? We acknowledge the limitations of human language, but do not believe these limitations undermine the inerrancy of Scripture. What effect can Scripture have on a life because of its unique nature?

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture

A mystical approach to words from God abounds. Doctrrine Christians have a bias toward the written Word of God. How is it different from all other books in the world? But the Bible takes away the fear of death like no other book. The Scripture claims uniqueness for itself. It puts the Scripture on the same basis as other books that can be helpful such as those written by Robert Schuller, Sigmund Freud, or Charles Swindoll. You will learn the criteria used to select books for the canon of Scripture.

History and other areas beyond doctrine are not necessarily correct. In other words, to illustrate, God inspired the concept of blood atonement and allowed men to formulate the doctrine in their own minds. Accordingly we believe that, after gathering data or formulating theological arguments, the Holy Spirit was active in guiding the author in the actual writing of Scripture so that every word and every statement blble in Scripture, whether spiritual, historical, or scientific, was without error.


And surely if one is speaking by the Spirit of God, He needs to be listened to.

So also is Scripture, from its humble th, is without flaw or error, fully of God, and fully of man, mirroring the divine union of God and man in the incarnate Word of God. Put your ideas in your own words. He inspired the truth of justification and allowed Paul to state it in his own words.

Luke was a physician doctrone would be considered an intelligent man. It is the purpose of this session to show how the Bible came together and to demonstrate its uniqueness.

Test 5 The fifth test of canonicity is that which relates to testimony. As a result, the following passages are disputed because they are not found in the earliest manuscripts:. A false mysticism is found even in some Evangelical circles. By authentic is meant that tue is true. What do the following verses say about the method involved in Scripture’s coming into existence?

Burn it to ashes and sprinkle the ashes in the eye. Mysticism – The Bible is incomplete. Archeologists have discovered that some of the Psalms and Proverbs appear to have originated in Biblioloby or other pagan cultures, with their theology biblioloyg to maintain doctrinal accuracy. This was the case with Israel, and it has been the case with the Church. For nearly years the common witness of the Spirit was to the 27 books comprising our present New Testament.


Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture | A Systematic Study in Christian Theology

On the basis of what you have found in these verses, how would you describe in your own words the Scripture’s uniqueness? What would you feel about a man who had been crucified, drowned, stoned and yet lived?

However, the writers were passive instruments—like keys on a piano—without any personality or part in the writing. It also allows for correct rendering of statements men made that were not true. Consider the following example: Let the Word be God’s voice to direct and encourage you. They were simple and ordinary men. We only yhe copies of copies with minor variations and omissions due to copying errors and geographical circulation.

In order to help you understand this material, you should first be familiar with the terminology related to this area. Scripture Memory For no prophecy was ever borne of human impulse; rather, men carried along by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. The Spiritual Christian iii. It will be fitted into your lips, Proverbs What are some of the ways this approach is seen in our society today?

What inconsistency is taught by this theory when we consider Matthew 5: