Hi Fred, > I currently looking to integrate the RF transceiver from Atmel in one of > my design and I just wonder if someone have something. Even the TX power tolerance of Atmel transceivers is +/-3dB, which means I am getting good preformance with RF as I can easily get Atmel: Atmel RF datasheet (April ), 4. Banner, R., Orda, A.: Multi-objective topology control in wireless networks.

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[Tinyos-help] Atmel RF230

Jun 29, — Sensory systems provider Crossbow Technologyin partnership with microprocessor manufacturer Atmelis offering an integrated wireless solution for original equipment manufacturers OEMs of wireless devices.

The solution includes hardware, software and integration support for RF systems.

By integrating their products, the two companies can offer a quicker and less expensive solution to OEMs, says Terry Dillahunty, Atmel’s business development manager atmdl wireless connectivity. Atmel contributes the processors, while Crossbow offers the software platform for mesh networking and sensor network support.


To me it’s about being able to harvest data and get rid of the wires,” Dillahunty says. Login and post your comment!

Atmel AVR8 – ErikaWiki

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Yes—we have deployed RFID and our operations have improved. No—not employing RFID severely limits the quality of our data.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. By Claire Swedberg Tags: Dillahunty says the Atmel RF has a line-of-sight range 2. The longer range means fewer nodes are required in the network, which can reduce the system cost by up to 60 percent.

The software elements include Crossbow’s MoteWorks software—an open, integrated, standards-based platform for companies that manufacture wireless devices—and Atmel’s media access control MAC atkel, which bridges the physical layer of the radio with the next work layer, Crossbow’s MoteWorks software platform.

Contiki cpu/avr/radio/rf/radio.c Source File

The combination of Atmel hardware and Crossbow services provides a solution with enterprise gateway capabilities that is easy to implement, says Joerg Bertholdt, Crossbow Technology’s vice president of marketing. That integration of data can allow “over the air” reprogramming of devices such as those that are out in the field, underground, or even on store shelves as price labels.


Crossbow offers a variety of support packages to customers, including design engineering services. It’s very important to their success that they have good support from us. It will be available in the fourth quarter of Previous Page 1 Next Page Login and post your comment!