Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje 48 str u boji Tvrde korice Astérix – Astérix chez les hélvètes – n. Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno Knjige · Stripovi · Evropski i ostali stripovi; Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) . Politikina izdanja Asteriksa /Asterix & Obelix/ u prevodu Ivana Klajna. Uz Asteriks stripove dolazi i jedan Talični Tom (Na tragu braće Dalton). Spisak stripova: 1.

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Stripvi your search does not return results or returns few results, try less rigorously defined parameters. One of the best! Can’t think of anything else in fact this one is cool because Asterix and Obelix actually enlist with the roman army.

It was originally serialized in Pilote magazine issues — in and translated into English in Apr 01, Suzannah rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 21, Chris axterix it it was amazing Shelves: Our brave hero’s actually join the Roman army! The other rather amusing aspect was how they had Obelix burst into tears when he discovered that the love of his life or the latest one was engaged to be married, and then from that point on whenever somebody burst into tears it had to be because their heart had been broken.

Possibly the funniest of all the Asterix books–the cross-cultural stuff is very, very amusing, and stripkvi names sttipovi are enough to make me applaud.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Changes in adaptation Bibendum the Michelin logo makes asyerix brief guest appearance as the chariot wheel dealer in the original English translation; whereas the original French version used the Gaulish-warrior-like mascot of the French service station company Antar. Well, any love sick individual would probably sit back, wait until he is killed, and then make his move, but not Asterix and Obelix — they are too noble and honourable to do that, so they do what any good and noble person would do in such a situation — they join the Roman army to striplvi off and rescue him.


Oct 30, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read.

A slapstick comedy look at ancient history with a very likable duo of heroes. Obelix falls for a girl named Panacea, but she’s engaged to a guy that has been drafted into the Roman army and is being sent to Africa.

Mnogi centurion oplakao je ovaj susret sa svojeglavim Asterixom i Obelixom.

Obelix, his best friend, fell into a vat of the magic potion as a child, making him invincible. Ultimately Obelix returns to life, but as a child and deprived of his usual strength. I can trace my love of history back to these stories. For stripvi girl he secretly has a crush on, Obelix volunteers himself and Asterix to find her missing fiance.

Obelix then propels the galley into the Roman camp of Aquarium, before returning to the village for a feast. Asterix decides that stripoi will join the Roman legion to find and bring him back. Mar 18, Laura rated it really liked it. Probably many times over. If you have children or grandchildren, there are volumes that include three editions in English. After some arguing about a safe place to disembark, the slaves set sail for the only place safe from the Romans: Imate svoj web shop?

Other stories that share a dramatic turn include Asterix and Son where the village is destroyed and Asterix and the Magic Carpet. Who’d have expected to see Asterix in a legionary’s uniform? The problem is, he was ‘drafted’ by the roman army and is now stationed in Egypt.

The first 24 editions are, in my opinion, the best comics ever written. Asterix is the wiliest of the Gauls.

Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) – ()

When you find an item that interests you, click on it with mouse or use cursor keys to scroll to it and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Another funny adventure to enjoy! The rudimentary Latin phrases occasionally stripovk by Roman soldiers and one of the hapless pirates they always seemed to encounter helped me out in my grammar classes. This stripovu the only album in which two of the pirates are called by name.


Due to the good-natured interplay of the medley band of recruits whose multiple language barriers conspire to break the morale of every Roman authority figure they encounter.

All Soft Hard On sale: Quick and funny, and it had some of my favourite jokes. Seeing his friend about to be thrown to the sharks, Obelix recovers his strength and size, and rescues him. On their way back, the Gauls are intercepted by another Roman galley and Asterix is knocked unconscious by a catapult stone.

Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL)

They decide the easiest way to find him is sign up for the army themselves and get assigned where their quarry is. Due to the good-natured interplay of the medley band of recruits whose multiple language barri Recruiting new members for Caesar’s army!

These French comics were written by Rene Goscinny, who died inand illustrated by Albert Uderzo. Before the inevitable happy ending, the combination of the story, jokes and art work flow together perfectly. Subtle insults to English cooking! They also sometimes prod me to take nostalgic walks astreix memory lane, visiting old friends. The most memorable character of astfrix book is Ptenisnet the Egyptian volunteer who believes that he is actually on a package holiday!!!

Refresh and try again. Aug 13, Guguk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published June 17th by Asterix first published November 10th Obelix is notoriously innocent and not too bright. Obelix is in love – but the beautiful Panacea is engaged to Tragicomix, a conscript in the Roman army. Hilarious in both a general and strpovi specific way. They of course prove more than the Roman army can handle and xsterix chaos and confusion every step of the way.