FRENTE A FRENTE: El apadrinamiento de A.A. en acción (Spanish Edition) eBook: AA Grapevine Inc: : Kindle Store. par la Conférence et autres documents des AA. Le catalogue est por los grupos que planean actividades de apadrinamiento. THE A.A. Consider the words of an official A.A. pamphlet (), explaining apadrinamiento, the Spanish word for both “sponsorship” and “godparenthood.” The pamphlet.

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Testimonies also often include mention of a transformation or rebirth in the experience that has helped the person stay sober. Qualitative research methods within the addictions. Mutual aid groups for addiction are known to be cost-effective interventions. Through this we enquire into how this form of mutual aid spirituality may mediate a successful cultural adaptation of the step programme for underserved Latinos in the USA.

The escribientes were encouraged to have visions of God while they looked up into the starry night sky. Profess Psychol Res Pract ; Support Center Support Center. Central OfficesIntergroups Online 5. I am Responsible Online 5. This pain is what CQ members say they used to try to avoid when they drank alcohol and used other drugs.

Focus on Our Primary Purpose Online 5. The Touchstone of Growth Online 5. CQ members sometimes describe their spiritual experience as a form of locura madness ; and Mexican AA members and clinicians alike not only allege that CQ’s cathartic practices are crude and ineffective, but some have even warned the public against participating in the CQ spiritual experience because of case reports of individuals who have developed psychosis or died by suicide shortly after their experience.

Maturity in the Fellowship. Being a Part of A. The usual attire is jeans, old tracksuit bottoms, well-worn tennis shoes, but there is also the occasional nice fleece or stylish watch.

Alcoholics Anonymous and the Hispanic Community. Recovery, Unity and Service Online 5. Stanford University Press, Group Higher Power a pseudonym, to protect confidentiality is a mutual aid group in Northern California for Latinos with substance use problems and other mental health concerns. Anderson 1 and Angela Garcia 2. They will stand at the podium, look out of the corners of their eyes, and try to re-enter their painful or shameful memories, recounting them for the group, complete with details of the sights, sounds and smells of what it was like to be there.


University of Wisconsin Press, In Diversity in Unity: Once, after a meeting, an escribiente asked the meeting coordinator: To be an enfermo emocional is to have suffered traumatic and painful events in one’s past, often as a child, and then to go through life with the memories of these events smouldering in the unconscious, causing the person to repeatedly hurt others and themselves. The members share their testimonies with the escribientesweaving in the benefits they have received from being in the group, like gaining insight into their emotional problems.

Recupero, Unita, Servizio Italian Online 5. I wanted to die … It wasn’t until the experience when I realised things were wrong; I had erased those memories. J Couns Psychol ; Highly spiritual and religious behaviour can already be found in Spanish-speaking AA groups in the USA 15 and especially in Mexico, 2 where AA has become over the past several decades the most prevalent source of substance use treatment in the country.

Una Nuova Felicita Italian. We Hit Bottom Too. Leading by Example Online 5. Int J Addict ; A Collective Vision I. Apadrunamiento website graphics, text, design, software, and other works are the copyrighted works of MultiView, Inc.

Latinos and Latinas in communal settings: One observation that seems clear is that the kinds of dramatic public testimony, group prayer and healing and rebirth practices in CQ resemble those of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Catholic movements, which are currently quite popular in Mexico. The fact that this aetiological discourse is flourishing within a spiritual healing movement might at first seem paradoxical, yet it arguably makes good sense given psychoanalysis’ historical ties with religion in Mexico.


Twelve Points to Assure Our Future. Discussion What exactly is it about CQ spirituality that makes this mutual aid organisation especially culturally adapted for Latinos? A Collective Vision II. Meeting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing I. This Precious Quality Online 5.


The Catholic Charismatic renewal in Latin America. Herramienta de Paso Doce Spanish.

Detailed consideration of these factors aladrinamiento, however, beyond the scope of this article. In Asad’s critique of the secular notions of agency and pain, 25 he delineates how the modern narrative of agency makes clear that agency must be apwdrinamiento to avoid suffering p. But for this to be a healthy process requires CQ groups to provide a practical purpose for members to relive their suffering night after night through the testimonies.

Focus on Our Primary Purpose. This suggests that we should consider more closely the CQ idiom of distress, enfermo emocionalas a key to what makes CQ culturally adapted for Latinos. Self-Help Organizations for Addictions.

AA Grapevine (Author of Voices of Women in AA)

After the experience, the members will attend nightly meetings and continue to rehearse and refine the dramatic testimonial style apadrijamiento learned in the experience. Guiar por el ejemplo Spanish. Data collection and study aims The ethnographic data presented here come from an ongoing anthropological study of drug addiction, violence and treatment modalities for substance-using Latinos in Mexico and the USA.

Formations of the Secular: