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bacoi At least Lily had enough sense to call him out on it. It was also refreshing to read a family with a strong and loving dynamic, one that actually seemed to love each other the only other recent read I can recall that did the same was in The Alchemy of Foreverthough that served its purpose as well.

Easy enough—especially as Calder has lots of practice using his irresistable good looks and charm on ususpecting girls. I was not expecting the story to be so good.

Unfortunately, while I found this new paranormal genre quite refreshing, I wasn’t convinced by Anne Greenwood Brown’s rendition of the mermaid myth nor was I impressed with the story itself.

Un bacio dagli abissi

Which is good, you know, because eeeeevil is always better than angsty. He doesn’t misrepresent his actions breaking and entering, stalking, etc.

But there was one thing beyond my control. I think Brown wrote a good, original novel that will quickly become a favorite to many readers.

The pacing really slowed this book down for me on a collective level. They want to kill Jason Hancock, the man they Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the only brother in a family of murderous mermaids. For instance, why did Maris twist the truth regarding their mother and the Hancock’s? Lies Beneath is full of delicious, browb tension and twists that will keep you guessing the true motive and story of every character right up until the end.


Lies Beneath tells the story of Calder White, a merman, who along with his three sisters, attempt to plot a man’s murder.


These serial killers mermaids make Jaws look like a sweet little goldfish. To ask other readers questions about Lies Beneathplease sign up. Un bacio dagli abissi Chrysalide Italian Edition 18 Sep I just missed the wave a tad too late I think. The relationship that develops between Calder and Lily isn’t contrived or forced, or the type of “Insta-Love!

Calder and his sisters devise a plan to lure Jason to the water; Calder will play hero to one of Jason’s daughters, making them in his debt and easier to manipulate. Lily’s family represents a lot of what Calder lost in his 54 if I’ve mathed that right 18 years of life: I also have Lucas from Starcrossed. She leaned out of the kayak and draped her arm around my shoulder, laying her cheek against mine, comforting me without really knowing how wrong this was.

Usually dispatched within 3 days. I recently found out book two bacil told from Lily’s pov, so I’m more inclined to greenwoor the sequel a shot. It is a story of revenge and the ultimate consequences that come with the destruction of lives.

Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the only brother in a family of murderous mermaids.

He fails at everything his sisters instruct him to do, seduce a target? The rugged beauty of the area and its remoteness create a wonderful backdrop for this tale. Refresh and try again.


Lies Beneath (Lies Beneath, #1) by Anne Greenwood Brown

I found her wardrobe choices a bit try-hard and the love for Victorian mermaid-espousing poets was a little bit of a reach but I was won over. Feb 04, Danielle. Calder is a annee who, with his three sisters, set up a plan to exact revenge upon the man who was the cause of the death of their mother. Even the number of them school of them?

He’s been told that eventually he’ll go crazy being starved emotionally. To her creative credit, it is both a logical and elegantly simple answer. They plan on using them to lure Jason so they can kill him. The urge to migrate was irresistible. You can find this review and more at The Readers Den Deep Betrayal Anne Greenwood Brown. Bloggat om Promise Bound. United States added from IndieBound … more.

I wasn’t bothered, however, by a few aspects that will probably drive some readers crazy, including Calder’s hunting of his prey, driven by both instinct and human emotion, or something a bit squickier– view spoiler [Calder admits to falling into his siren sister’s hypnotic lure and later, she goes a little batshit crazy in pouring out her feelings for abkssi hide spoiler ] –primarily because I don’t think it was handled in an tasteless way, and there is some validity in its origin.

Lake Superior would be way too cold for swimming, especially in April unless one is a fish. Plot Summary Calder White and his three sisters are merfolk whose mother was killed many years ago.