Magnified by its lift against the sky and by the soldier’s testifying sense of the . He was a civilian, if one might judge from his dress which was that of a planter. Tales of Soldiers and Civilians. Ambrose Bierce. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at Tales of Soldiers and Civilians, by Ambrose Bierce .au/b/bierce/ambrose/tales-of-soldiers-and-civilians/contents.

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Reviving from one of these, he became sensible of a sharp, smarting pain in his right hand, and when he worked his fingers together, or rubbed his palm with them, he could feel that they were wet and slippery.

He had enlisted in the very first days of the war as a private, with no military knowledge whatever, had been made first sergeant of his company on account of his education and engaging manner, and had been lucky enough to lose his captain by a Confederate bullet; in the resulting promotions he had got a commission.

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians – Wikipedia

As he pushes open the gate and passes up the wide white walk, he sees a flutter of female garments; his wife, looking fresh and cool and sweet, steps down from the veranda to meet him. Pausing a moment in one of these rifle pits to apprise the men of ckvilians intention, Searing crept stealthily forward on his hands and knees and was soon lost to view in a dense thicket of underbrush.


The sergeant stepped aside. At least in this one book which is the only Bierce book I’ve read to date. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Unfortunately, I did not. In darkness you may be cold and not know it; when you see, you suffer.

These men he had stationed just at nightfall in an irregular line, determined by the nature of the ground, several hundred yards in front of where he now sat. Ambrkse was a captain.

This page was last edited on 14 Augustsoldirrs The commander has not moved. But if detected he would be dead shortly afterward, that being the just and legal penalty of his crime. Distinctly he heard behind him a stealthy tread, as of some wild animal, and dared not look over his shoulder.


Trivia About Tales of Soldiers At last he found a road which led him in what he knew to be the right direction. That would probably not affect the duration and result of the war, but it is the business of a soldier to kill.

After some little time he cautiously raised his head, inch by inch, then his body upon his hands, spread out on each side of him, soleiers the while intently regarding the hillock of clay.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The rustle and murmur of boerce march had not awakened him. The breeze catches the plume in his hat and flutters it smartly. A brace joining it at an angle had wedged him against talrs pile of boards on his left, fastening the arm on that side.

With the ruined guns lay the ruined men—alongside the wreckage, under it and atop of it; and back down the road—a ghastly procession!

On the whole, I somewhat preferred Bierce’s later works, many of This is a selection of Ambrose Bierce’s short stories, taken from several collections that were published during his life. Their successive battalions, breaking into swarms and reforming in lines, had passed the child on every side—had almost trodden on him as he slept.

The colonel, humiliated and indignant, was about to order Captain Coulter in arrest, when the latter spoke a few words in a low tone to his bugler, saluted, and rode straight forward into the Notch, where, presently, at the summit of the road, his field glass at his eyes, he showed against the sky, he and his horse, sharply defined and motionless as an equestrian statue.

The brace that made an angle with it downward and backward prevented him from doing anything in that direction, and between it and his body the space was not half as wide as the length of his forearm. As Peyton Farquhar fell straight downward through the bridge, he lost consciousness and was as one already dead.


The face, which should have been seen in profile, was invisible, for the man was bent so far forward that his long hair concealed it; and, strange to relate, the beard, of a much darker hue, fell in a great tangled mass and lay along the ground at his feet.

The trees group themselves differently; they draw closer together, as if in fear. Evidently this was no vulgar assassin. It was at Resaca, in Georgia, during the movement that resulted in the capture of Atlanta. Finally, Bierce’s stories show incredible depth for the short story format. I’m not surprised when I look at how he writes. If now you should turn your head, you would see a simultaneous movement among the spectators—a start, lf if it had received an electric shock—and looking forward again to the now distant horseman you would see that he has in that instant altered his direction and is riding at an angle wmbrose his former course.

He recognized the blazing building as his own home!

I was down there rummaging about. El terror es leve, nada sobrenatural.

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

They stood about the group awhile in silence; the staff officer was thinking of his unfinished supper, the orderly of what might possibly be in one of the casks on the other side of the cellar. He was caught in a reclining posture, biercr back firmly ot by a solid beam. These movements left the condemned man and the sergeant standing on the two ends of the same plank, which spanned three of the cross-ties of the bridge.