Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun”. Egyptian religion extremely varied from one time period to another. Cult of sun-worship spanning most of Egyptian history. You arise beauteous in the horizon of the heavens. Oh living Aten who creates life. When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your. Written on the outside of the tomb of a deceased chief minister for the great king, Akhenaten, the hymn “Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun” was.

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Analyses of the poem are divided between those considering tthe as a work of literature, and those considering its political and socio-religious intentions. It talks about the conception and birth of children. Leave a Reply Cancel akuenaten You must be logged in to post a comment.

Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This religious monotheism that Akhenaten pursued was the necessary mean for him to conduct his political and social agendas.

This might allow Sub to demand the respect of the people for being a direct descendant to Aten. The genre of this work is a hymn of poetry. Comment by ylfsylfs — May 29, 6: Like throwing a rock in the pond, even though the ripples disappear over time, traces of the ripples still existed.

Great Hymn to the Aten

The people of the world are in your hand Just as you have created them. The monotheism of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament had its own separate development—one that began more than half a millennium after the pharaoh’s death.

All men since you have made the earth you have raised for your son Who came forth from your body, The King of Egypt who lives in truth, Lord of Diadems, Akhenaten, whose life is long: Why are these two stories so much alike? The respect paid to the gods would also be transferred onto him as he is their representative in getting into the good graces of their god, similar to how people back then placed their prayers and wishes upon priests to deliver akhenatfn to God.


You alone rise in the form of the living Aten Shining afar, yet close at hand. This early Egyptian piece of poetry is paying homage in a sort to a god of their time. Akhenaton’s religious reforms later regarded heretical and reverted under his successor Pharaoh Tutankhamun have been described by some hmyn as monotheisticthough others consider it to be henotheistic. Great Hymn to Aten. Although his wish never happened, the ideas that influenced this hymn has impacted future written pieces strong enough that traces are found in the Psalm There is little or no evidence to support the notion that Akhenaten was a progenitor of the full-blown monotheism that we find in the Bible.

As pharaoh he broke with tradition and tried to get his people to believe in only one god. You are so beautiful: Akhenaten sees the sun as his tbe and only god and for akjenaten Christian they see God as their one and only god.

Notify me of new comments via email. Lines 1 through 15 automatically will make one think of the Bible. University of California Press. But on close inspection aknenaten two English translations of the Hymn to the sun, the sequence of ideas is not as many as 6 but closer to 4.

I note that the comparison we were given is in English. You are the creator of the issue in woman, The seed in men; You give life to the son in his mother’s womb Soothing him so he does not cry Oh nurse within the womb. James Henry Breasted considered Akhenaten to be the first monotheist and scientist in history. All men, herds And flocks, all on the earth that goes on its feet; and all that is suun the sky and flies with its wings.


The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt. One wonders therefore if there suj a good case for some dependency of the later on the earlier. William B Eerdmans Publishing. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat You are afar, but your rays touch the earth; Men see you, but know not your ways.

The ideas are expressed in sequence as follows.

Akhenaten’s Poem Of Praise To The Sun

You must be logged in to post a comment. To the chick that cries “tweet” while still in the egg You give breath in the shell to let him live, And make the time for him to break the shell And come out of the egg at the moment for him to chirp And patter nymn his two feet. Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun”.

No matter what religion that ones looks at, they all come down to the fact that their god or gods take care fo everything. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Akhenaten 41 He attempted to change the religious beliefs and ceremonies of Egypt during his reign.

Lines 41 through 47 and lines 60 through read almost the same as Psalm verses 10 through 30 in the New International Bible.