Mir-at ul-Israr – Urdu translation. Uploaded by. Talib Ghaffari. Anwar Qutb e Madina by Khalil Ahmad Rana. Uploaded by. Tariq Mehmood Tariq. Akhbar Ul. Name: Akhbar ul Akhyar. Name: اخبار الاخیار. Author: Hazrat Alama Shaikh Language: Urdu. Publisher: Akbar book saler. Publish Date: Aug Urdu translation of Akhbar ul-Akhyar by Shaykh Abdul-Haqq Muhaddith Dahlawi.

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Through these records of conversations we get a glimpse of the medieval society in all its fullness; if not, in all of its perfection- the moods and tension of the common men, the inner 1 Aina e Malfuzat pg. Written quite recently so also contains accounts of some saints of not too distant past. In general, mostly the Malfuzat is arranged in a thematic way.

Ahyar Aulia e Pak o Hind by Dr. The book is in Urdu. Log in or Sign up. Tazkirat ul Auliya Persian Ed.

Mashariq ul Anwar Urdu Ed. Also can people please list names of awliya who have had biographies written about them in English, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic: Lives Biographies of Muslim Saints awliya?

Originally written in Arabic the book gives a comprhensive, in-depth analysis of the 4 Sunni madhabs and their founders, giving details of their biography and the methods they used in reaching their legal conclusions. It represents, in other words, mysticism of a lower grade. The one’s I am aware of are: Akhbae completely ignored the portrayal of the social life of the populace and their problems.


English translation by Dr. In fact, we can say that Amir Hasan ala Sijzi who gave the new literary style of Malfuzat writing, but this is not the conventional pattern of Malfuzat writing.

Akhbar ul-Akhyar Urdu translation : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Khwaja Naseeruddin only gave confirmation on the false statement and rejected it. Remember me on this computer. When I reached to the abode of Sultan- ul- Mashaikh.

Thirdly- The Author started his career as a traditionalist in A. Akhbar ul Jamal Persain Ed.

Akhbar ul akhyar urdu pdf download – Google Docs

This article has an unclear citation style. Your name or email address: The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. Malfuzat- writing is one of the important branch of Sufi literature as it contains the teachings of the leading Sufi masters of their time akbyar in gatherings of their disciples and visitors.

Log In Sign Up. Ser ul Auliya Urdu Ed.

Akhbar Ul Akhyar Urdu Book

Further, it should be understood that writing a book and compiling Mulfuzat are two different things. Take the example of the Hadith of the Holy Prophet, noted by some of of his Companions Sabahah to preserve it. Origianlly written in Farsi but Urdu translations are also available.


Retrieved 28 July Not to be confused with Abd al-Haqq I. It has been proved that the narration is wrong as well as Prof. This is so because the historical accounts that were recorded in this period are useful only in getting details of the events which were taking place in the royal courts, battles, and campaigns. Nafhat ul Uns Urdu Ed. Shaikh Usman took my hand and assigned me to god and prayed for me under the aqueduct Nawdan of the sacred building.

In his article, he categorised the text of the Sufi literature into two categories, the one as genuine text and the other as a fabricated one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.