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AFI , Military Personnel Records Systems, or by other base-level records systems as authorized by the affected individual) and authorized for file in the personnel record groups by AFI , AFI 2. Study AFI’s flashcards from william finucane’s USAF class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android app. WAPS Testing > AFI’s > Flashcards The below changes to AFI , dated 1 December , are AFI , Deployment Planning and Execution and AFI

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Provide Business Case Analysis: Document extension cancellation on theARMS copy of the original extension. Airmen must meet conditions authorizing reenlistment in paragraph 5. I contacted Finance here, and they are giving me the run around Airmen extend in whole month periods only. Thank you- AC, TSgt, 15yrs. Zfi approved to reenlist through the waiver process, the REcode 4K will be temporarily removed to allow update of the avi, but the MPS willre-update the Re code to 4K once the reenlistment consummates.

Non-receipt of an SRB is not an injustice. These Airman appeal 336 their wing commander when their group commander made theextension non-selection recommendation. The Utility person provides assistance with various maintenance proje Limit extension period to a maximum of 24 months. In all cases,Airmen will retain the RE code 4K until medically cleared for duty. I was reading that you can only receive DLA once per fiscal year, although certain exceptions do apply.

EAD orders will 336 recall authority. The memorandum from the Airman must include their SSAN and will outline the facts of the situation as well as their desires.

MPS will not approve extensions requested for the purpose of: Extension may be Airman of the cancelled if Airman is not Year selected. Limit extensions to 4 or 7 months. Airmen may initiate the request 6 months prior to DOS See note 6. The Valet is responsible to park and retrieve vehicles. The Airman extended for an assignment to include to accept retraining or a special 33802 and departed for that or any other location.


When Airmen submit a written appeal: Airmenmust request cancellation no later than 30 calendar days following notification that theoriginal reason for the extension was cancelled or no longer exist. Eligible 38022 serving in SRB skills, who hold a 3-skill level or higher in the SRB skill, may extend their enlistments in one increment for a minimum period of 36 months up to, and including, a maximum period of 48 months. Further, the cost in terms of unit, member, and family turbulence associated with TDY must be considered and the TDY deemed essential to satisfy the needs of the AF.

Airmen may not extend if they refused to obtain service-directed retainability or declined PME. Also apply to disability retirements. The commander recommends approval of the extension by completing Section VI.

Eligible Airmen are authorized to reenlist at any time during their current enlistment and the remaining obligated service is waived. Otherwise, there is no limit to the number of valid extensions.

The MPS will advise the unitcommander on the final decision. Take the signed memorandum to the MPS for further action.

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If an Airman extends while serving in the Zone A window, but will be in the Zone B window on the day the extension is entered, the Airman receives a Zone B bonus if eligible according to paragraph 4. When the SECAF is the appeal authority, the case must process through both the group and wing commander.

See notes 30 days to 12 months 4 or 5 1 – 6 13 — 24 months 4 25 — 36 months 3 Second term and 48 months or less 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 career Airman reenlisting to HYT See note 1, 2 and 6 First term Airmen 2, 3 or 4 reenlisting to HYT month. Airmen may sequence number extend under this rule if they are has been released ineligible to reenlist because of for the upcoming HYT or age However, you will be able to file a travel voucher at Goodfellow and live either on base in the dorms or off base.


If the wing commander disapproves the appeal, the wing commander returns package to the MPS. The intent of the bonus is to provide a financial incentive to influence retentiondecisions of Service Airmen in designated CSRB-AFSCs taking into consideration current orprojected manning shortages, skill imbalances, and high training costs or high replacement costs,in cases where less costly methods are inadequate or impractical. TSgts who wish to serve 6 months time-in-grade before HYT retirement may qualify for extensions according to Table 6.

Remove all extraneous documents.

Originally Posted by sgthm. Looks like we park in the large parking lot, the smaller is for the senior staff.

Imagery Analysis Retrain – Page 87

Review ARMS to ensure a copy is available then destroy after 3 months. Ensure package is complete and return incomplete packages. If the group commander disapproves the appeal, package is sent to the wing commander. Current HYT rules apply. Lengthy-service Airmen who are non-selected under the SRP may request extension of enlistment in order to obtain minimum retirement eligibility refer to paragraph 6.

Reasons for Extensions of Enlistment. This rule applies to Airmen who are within two years of attaining minimum retirement eligibility. Indicate the ADSC end date. Extensions for Lengthy-Service Airmen. Airmen cannot sell leave if they have already sold 60 days in their career or are entering a second or subsequent extension of enlistment.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. I did take a couple of weekends af drive the 1 hour down there to view the base and the area. Richeson said airmen whose enlistment contracts expire or whose active-duty service commitment expires before the end of a deployment tasking are still allowed to apply afl separation or retirement in lieu of deploying.